Thank you and Merry Christmas

Wow! Two thousand and sixteen you were quite the year for me. I am going to take this time to sign out before Christmas and share with you the highlights of my year and the plans (sort of) for 2017. Firstly, I am want to say a huge huge thank you to you all. Milo and Mitzy has now been ticking along for the past six years and I am hugely proud of where it is at. Many of you have been here from the beginning and it is you lot that make me want to strive for more. I continue to keep Milo and Mitzy going and continue to work so hard on it because I love it. I love what I do and perhaps one day I can do this full time. For now, I love my teaching job and feel lucky that I am able to do both. (Can someone give me more hours in a day, however.)

This year has seen me grow in followers hugely which was my number one goal. It has also seen me work with some incredible brands such as Tilespace, InResidence, Delonghi and Dulux to name a few. I feel very lucky for this. My instagram has also been a huge focus, cue a new camera and hours of viewing youtube "how to photograph" clips. I hope to continue to grow my styling and photography for instagram over the next year.

During the month of May I pulled of something that I could have only dreamed of doing prior to this year. I organised Sunday with Milo and Mitzy and Opera Kitchen featuring Father Rabbit. What an honour it was to work with Claudia and Nick of Father Rabbit and Jennifer of Opera Kitchen on this event along with the many other brands that were involved. What inspiring people they all were and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better event. I was so stoked with how it turned out and it truly was a bit of a pinch myself moment for me.

I have also become a regular contributor to home column which is a super exciting opportunity for me and is proving to be another platform to showcase great New Zealand design which is my number one passion.

So what is happening in 2017? Well I cant say too much. (bad habit of mine, talk to much and things don't happen!) I can tell you that I am planning to offer a bit of blogging for time poor businesses that fit with my brand and style. Meaning, I will be offering a service where I write a regular features for businesses who have a blog but never have the chance to use it. Get in touch here if you would like to know more.

I also have the most incredibly exciting project in the very very early stages that is my absolute, ultimate dream. It is something that I am looking at doing with another blogger who I admire greatly. Sadly that is all I can tell you at this minute.

I hope to do some more work on my own home. I have some great wee DIYs ready and waiting for me to kick into in January. Unfortunately I am a hopeless DIYer but hey, one can only learn right? I will share my progress and any great new products I have in my home over on instagram and facebook.

I am also hoping to get around the countryside a bit more with my trusty camera and visit and photograph some of these incredible stores, cafes and accommodation spots that I often harp on about. If you would like to sponsor my trip, feel free ;)

And on top of all of this, I am about to start my teachers registration.... eeek. Wish me luck! (This is the bit I am most scared of!)

Truly, thank you all so much. I felt like such a fake when I began this blog, it is only now, towards the end of this year where I have started to believe that hey, perhaps I do have a good thing going here. So thank you again for stopping by when you get the chance.

Merry Christmas.

Amy xx

Kitchens x Makerie x Souk

Wow, can you believe that it is only one full week left until Christmas. I dont know about you but time seems to be going faster and faster. I turned 32 on Sunday. 32!!!! I still act like I am 26. 26 was a good year! I often tell my husbnad that I dont think I was brought on this planet to be an adult. Speaking of good times, Sunday was a good day. The family and friends really pulled through with the goods. And on mentioning goods, have I got some goodies for you today.

Firstly, while I am on holiday this summer, my number one DIY that I want to get done is adding a bit of colour to my kitchen. Its a beautiful light, white, airy kitchen but I am keen to add in some subtle colour. My go to inspiration site, is the beautiful work of London based design company, Devol Kitchens. Their attention to is spot on.

If you are after christmas gifts these gorgeous speckled ceramics from Makerie would be perfect. I have some of these products in my cupboard and they really are lovely. Perfect for the wife, friend, aunty, mum or any other foodie loving friend.

And lastly, here is what is on my Christmas wishlist. This incredibly amazing moroccan throw from Souk. How awesome is it? Perfect on the end of my bed.

Amy x

Greek Islands X Karen Murrell x Ink & Spindle

Can somebody please do my christmas shopping for me... or send me any tips to make things go as smoothly as possible? Thatd be ace. Thank you. On another note, one week of school left! Yahoo. I am a teacher so unlike you mothers dreading it, Im pumped! DIY projects here I am come. Oh and did I mention it is my birthday this weekend? Yes I am a birthday lover! Should have grown out of it by now I guess!

Images by Annabell Kutucu

Can we just all take a moment to appreciate Casa Cook Hotel on the Greek Island of Rhodes? (I think I have a travel bug going through me, I keep posting beatutiful places to stay. Sorry.) With just a few minutes walk from the sea, this modern take on Greek Architecture, adorned with vinatge treasure and handmade objects inspired by travel, has a laidback cosy atmosphere that would allow any guest to feel relaxed and inspired when staying.

I mentioned that my birthday is coming up. I have been eyeing up Karen Murrells beautiful natural lipsticks for sometime now. I admire their aesthetic and story. I was estatic when I recived a giftpack for my birthday. The absolute ideal gift or christmas present for anyone. Packed full of natural ingredients and long lasting, they are the perfect new product for my makeup bag.

Ive been looking to add a bit of summer to Frankies room. A bit of fun to her blush linen bedding. These organic cotton and hemp products from Ink & Spindle would be a welcomed addition.

Right, Im off to a Christmas party with big red. Have a good day.

Amy x

Bali Villa x George and Willy x The French Cafe

Images by Prue Roscoe

After a busy week and weekend with school and dance shows, its nice to have a day at home. The husband has popped in from the farm to pick up the kids. They have headed off on a christmas tree hunt. Lucky us having them at our fingertips. Although it usually involves me stealing one from the road side that I have had my eye on for some weeks due to its nice size and shape. Who knows what they will come back with this year!

I am dreaming of summer as I sit here watching the  grey skies outside. This beautiful Bali villa that I spyed over on Homes to Love has my name all over it. I am dying to get to Bali. I have never been. I feel as though I would be in my creative element in Bali from stories I have been told.

I actually love buying presents for my husband. It means I need to put my thinking cap on a bit. George and Willy have so many cool gifts and not just for the man in your life. That mouse pad is all sorts of cool.

I have been to The French Cafe before but that was quite some time ago when I resided in Auckland. How amazing is this image? I really need to get myself up there to visit all of these incredible eateries. Old and new. (If you want to fly me up, feel free!)

Happy Monday, the troups are home. I better go and check what giant tree we have brought home!

Amy x

Little Additions x Hometour x Juliette Hogan Eyewear

Happy Hump day. Can you believe we are into December tomorrow? My birthday this month. Im a real birthday girl. My husband calls them my birthday festivals because I like to get as much out it being all about me as possible. Although I am still unsure of what I want. I actually asked for tea and toast in bed for breakfast with a new magazine, a day out at the markets in Hawkes Bay finished with wine and good food on our deck in front of the outdoor fire. Perfect weekend to me.

Right first up, I want to introduce you to a new online store. Well, technically not new, but a complete rebrand and an overhaul- Little Additions. As the name states, Little Additions is all about providing beautiful, statement pieces for your home to add that perfect little addition.

How awesome is this Paddinton, Sydney Terrace house which has been renovated by Adrian Amore Architects? It actally goes to show that you dont have to stick to the one colour tone of natural wood. Mixing them together looks just as cool. As always incredible photography by Felix Forrest.

And lastly, incase you were interested in what I am currently saving for. (which you are probably not) This is it. The amazing eyewear by the clever Juliette Hogan. Its love.

Amy x

Amelia Boland, Dream Kitchen and Sophie Store

Fashion and interiors, my two loves. That is what is on the menu for you today. And yes, as always, a cause close to my heart, I am suppporting local. Enjoy.

Leather bags made right here in New Zealand. What more could one possibly want? The work of designer Amelia Boland has pulled me in - hook, line and sinker. I can tell you first hand that the quality of these bags are incredible. With form being led by function, every design aspect of an Amelia Boland item has a purpose while being visualy stylish and comfortable to wear at the same time.

This gorgeous renovated kitchen belongs to Kate Arends of Wit & Delight and photographed by 2nd Truth. That painted brick, those rich blue hexagon tiles, that kilim rug finished with touches of gold. A perfect combination.

I have long been a fan of accessories label, Sophie Store. The attention to deatil that goes into each of their items is quite something. Their hats are this summers (not mention last summers) must have item. I am also eyeing up their gorgeous torty bangles to finish off the perfect day to day outfit. Each item is thoughtfully designed, yet simple, functional and cool. And can I just say, that owner and designer Belinda, is possible the kindest soul. She helped me out with something. She didnt want anything for it and defintly didnt want me to mention it! Good things happen to good people.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...