Bali Villa x George and Willy x The French Cafe

Images by Prue Roscoe

After a busy week and weekend with school and dance shows, its nice to have a day at home. The husband has popped in from the farm to pick up the kids. They have headed off on a christmas tree hunt. Lucky us having them at our fingertips. Although it usually involves me stealing one from the road side that I have had my eye on for some weeks due to its nice size and shape. Who knows what they will come back with this year!

I am dreaming of summer as I sit here watching the  grey skies outside. This beautiful Bali villa that I spyed over on Homes to Love has my name all over it. I am dying to get to Bali. I have never been. I feel as though I would be in my creative element in Bali from stories I have been told.

I actually love buying presents for my husband. It means I need to put my thinking cap on a bit. George and Willy have so many cool gifts and not just for the man in your life. That mouse pad is all sorts of cool.

I have been to The French Cafe before but that was quite some time ago when I resided in Auckland. How amazing is this image? I really need to get myself up there to visit all of these incredible eateries. Old and new. (If you want to fly me up, feel free!)

Happy Monday, the troups are home. I better go and check what giant tree we have brought home!

Amy x

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