Little Additions x Hometour x Juliette Hogan Eyewear

Happy Hump day. Can you believe we are into December tomorrow? My birthday this month. Im a real birthday girl. My husband calls them my birthday festivals because I like to get as much out it being all about me as possible. Although I am still unsure of what I want. I actually asked for tea and toast in bed for breakfast with a new magazine, a day out at the markets in Hawkes Bay finished with wine and good food on our deck in front of the outdoor fire. Perfect weekend to me.

Right first up, I want to introduce you to a new online store. Well, technically not new, but a complete rebrand and an overhaul- Little Additions. As the name states, Little Additions is all about providing beautiful, statement pieces for your home to add that perfect little addition.

How awesome is this Paddinton, Sydney Terrace house which has been renovated by Adrian Amore Architects? It actally goes to show that you dont have to stick to the one colour tone of natural wood. Mixing them together looks just as cool. As always incredible photography by Felix Forrest.

And lastly, incase you were interested in what I am currently saving for. (which you are probably not) This is it. The amazing eyewear by the clever Juliette Hogan. Its love.

Amy x

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