About me

Amy Tennent curator of New Zealands Milo and Mitzy launched Milo and Mitzy back in 2011. Since then Milo and Mitzy has been named by stuff.co.nz as one of New Zealands top 6 design blogs.

Amy has since collaborated with Forestry Home to produce a best selling New Zealand wool blanket as well as designing and creating an exclusive Milo and Mitzy chunky knit woollen throw. Amy is now moving on to other projects and embracing other opportunities to further grow the Milo and Mitzy brand.

Milo and Mitzy features articles on interiors, homewares, art, home tours, fashion and food.

Should you wish to touch base with Amy about possible collaborations or sponsorship ideas please do so using the email address below or see our advertising page.




  1. Hi Amy, I wanted to talk to you about wholesaling your gorgeous throws, how can I get in touch with you? talei@thepackageagency.com

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Thanks for stopping by. Amy x