Saturday, July 23, 2016

My living room with Early Settler

Happy Sunday. I'm suffering from a bit of a late night.... when will I ever learn?! Anywho, husband and I drove down to Wellington on Friday for the night. Very fun kidless trip! We headed down there to pick up my new lounge suite. I have been searching and searching for new sofas for ever now. And I finally found them at Early Settler. I am super stoked with them. Exactly what I was after and more.

We got the three seater and two seater Slouch Couch which fits perfectly into our living room and each section comes apart so we have set the middle section the three seater sofa up as an extra armchair.  The fabric is a canvas cotton which almost looks like a linen. Very heavy and hardwearing by the looks of things. Also every cover is removable which is a must in my family. And lastly.... so so amazingly comfortable.

We had to rush back so I only had a quick look around Early Settler but honestly they had so many fabulous things. The rugs, tables, baths and outdoor fires particularly caught my eye. I will definitely head back to the Wellington store when I head back down in a couple of months.

Im now on the hunt for a fug to go under coffee table, cushions for the sofas and new curtains. (Let me know if you have ideas on awesome affordable curtains)One thing at a time though huh? For now I shall enjoy my amazing Early Settler Slouch Couch.

Amy x

This was a sponsored post. If you would like to find out more about working with Milo and Mitzy please drop me an email on

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow

You know I have always been a fan of Melissa Mills photography. Melissa is an incredible wedding photographer but what you may not have known is she also has another business by the name of The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow. The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is the amazing family and lifestyle side of Melissas work. This girl is one talented human!

What I love about The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is that it's family photography that documents the real stuff. The in between moments. The extraordinary in the ordinary. It's not about being in your Sunday best it's about capturing the family in their rawest form where they are most comfortable, in their home and such. Melissa spends the first half hour of the session taking formal photos and after this she sinks away in the background while families be themselves and have some fun for that time. Did I mention she does travel around the country?

I am definitely keen to get Melissa out to shoot some images of my family. Perfect for us as I have a typical bloke of a husband who doesn't like standing in front of the camera posing. Love this documentary type photography. Right up our ally.

So when I heard that Melissa was running a competition to celebrate the launch of her newly updated The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow website I just had to share. (Actually I was thinking of being selfish and not letting you know because I really want to win, but that wouldn't be fair would it?)

One lucky person could win 'a day in the life family documentary session valued at $980. Plus 4x $50 off session fees for other lucky families. Competition is only open for 2 weeks and is super easy to enter. Pop over here to find out more. My fingers and toes are crossed.  

Amy x

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hare + Klein, Weekend Canvas and Rocky and Ruby blog

I am on a roll this week. Two blog posts in two days! So unlike me, I'm guna roll with it while it lasts. So on that note, I wanted to start off today with an amazing property by again another Australian Architect company. (Jeez, Aussie architects are killing it!) This time architect firm Hare + Klein is responsible for this outstanding property which was nominated in 2015 in the Australian Interior Design for residential decoration. Incredible use of furniture and choice of styling.

Im loving these FOREST BOUND canvas weekend bags handmade in the USA new in at The Foxes Den. Perfect for weekend trips away.

Images by Zoe Frizzell

"Mom bloggers" We have some goodies here in New Zealand. Great to read when one finds the time. What is a Mom blog? Mums who blog... life, kids, general riff raff. All the real stuff you wana hear. I have never really classed myself in the "mom blog" category. Not because I don't want to, but Ive just always been a bit scared of putting myself out there. Even though I do it on a daily basis, I mean like really out there.

One Mom blogger who is killing it here in New Zealand is the gorgeous and hilariously funny Rebecca of Rocky and Ruby blog. Have you sat down and read the stuff this chick writes. Honestly.... so funny. My kind of girl. I admire her honesty, her down to earth nature and her humour. Well worth popping over to her blog, Instagram and facebook pages for a peep. Oh and do search her on Snapchat. I look forward to her daily snaps. Lock myself away for 5 minutes while the kids are screaming for lunch just to check her snaps out.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Home Tour and Frankie Wears

Happy Monday to you all. We have another Frankie Wears on the blog today, a gorgeous home tour of course. Keep those submissions coming in. I love hearing from you but please excuse me if I don't get back to you straight away. Blame my 2 and 3 year old!

There is no way on this planet that I could ever live in a home like this. I have two very boisterous toddlers who wouldn't take well to this space. But one can dream right? Actually I would add a teeny bit more to the walls and maybe just rough it up a little if you know what I mean, but that's me just being super super fussy! Found thanks to Oracle Fox, design by Neuman Hayner Architects.

A quick little Frankie Wears for today. We have always been super fond of New Zealands Cotton Tail. The most beautiful handmade clothing. And it is obvious to see that talented owner/designer Therese is in fact quite obsessed with fabric. When the fabric and designs are this good, why wouldn't you be obsessed? Here Frankie wears a gorgeous little navy floral pinafore in a size four. See here for more of these amazing pieces.

If you would like to see wee Frankie wearing your pieces please drop me a line,

Amy x

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mid week mix up. x

School holidays! I enjoy them because I am a teacher so it is my break time... My kids still go to preschool two days a week so yesterday was a great day! So many jobs achieved that have been piling up. Today the cousins arrive for a night. Excitement levels are high!

Today I have three things to show you. Some home inspiration of course,  the incredible work of M.OSS design and the number one product in my lust have list right now.

First up, M.OSS design. I have long admired these guys on Instagram. I am purely posting this as inspiration due to the fact that it isn't available in New Zealand. For my international readers, see here for stockists. I love the clean and modern, yet quirky design of each piece. Playful, fun and clever is how I would sum up the work of Netherland based designer Marcel Ossendrivjer.

Secondly, I've been meaning to show you guys this for a while now.... I'm head over heels in love! If someone wants to buy me a prezzy, this would be great thanks, or you could let the hubby know. Clever clever Mr Jason Grant. As always, such good taste! Shop from MJG Store here.

And lastly, I can't do a mix up post without some beautiful interior inspiration. No words, just love. styling by Pella Hede. Photo by Anna Malmberg. Source livet hemma Ikea.

Amy x

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Milo and Mitzy turns 5 years old

Would you believe it? Milo and Mitzy turned 5 last month and I didn't even realise. I am a big fan of birthdays as lame as it sounds, so I couldn't let this one slip by without doing something big. And big we have gone.

One lucky winner will take home all of the above valued at over $1500. A huge huge thank you to Ashley & Co, Print by George, Mini Grandi Artist, Thread Design, Ned Collections, Mavis and Osborne, Tessuti, Concrete Blush, Ico Traders, and Mildred & Co.

One winner will take home everything. How lucky! These incredible New Zealand businesses have made this giveaway possible. I'm strongly encouraging you to pop over and check them out. I am all for supporting small New Zealand businesses and recommend you do so too where possible. I am just so super stoked and so lucky to have such support from businesses around our country. I feel truly grateful to be able to say that I have run a successful blog for over 5 years now.

Competition will close Monday 11th July, 8pm. To enter head over to Milo and Mitzys Instagram page, like and share. As simple as that. Please note, prints may vary.

Good Luck. I cant wait to draw the winner.

Amy x

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Midweek Mixup


First up for your hump day mix up, if you have followed Milo and Mitzy over the past year you will know that I am a big fan of Hector Rose Home. One of my favourite pieces of art in Patchys room is the coolest elephant print from here. Well, when I spotted these amazing woollen blankets, I was just as in love. I'm a massive sucker for a woollen blanket, particularly one sporting those super cute pompoms.

Secondly I wanted to talk a bit more about blogging as I have had lots of emails lately particularly after my last post where I touched on blogs and Milo and Mitzy in general. I hate to say it, but the blogging world is a competitive world. It has to be as there are so many blogs around these days. Fashion blogs, food blogs, Mum blogs.. you name it, hence the reason, to be recognised in your field you need to work your butt off.
I am pretty proud of where Milo and Mitzy, the blog, is at present. There are still so many things that I want to work on  and so many goals to achieve but right now, Milo and Mitzy is in a good space. Yes I am working on upping my other social media platforms but my main focus is the blog and I think that I am lucky to have an established blog to go along side of my other social media feeds.  Bloggers and people who run social media feeds are basically fighting for attention from businesses and such. We are all trying to prove that advertising with us is worth while. Basically that is what we are, online advertising, online magazines.
Somebody asked me about receiving free products and if all of my posts are because I have either been paid for it or have received something free? God No! I would never post anything if it didn't fit with my brand. After all, I am trying to create and keep up my brand appearance here also. I also spend many many hours researching. I find the content for the blog myself rather than just blogging about what gets emailed to me.
My advice to bloggers, and I have said this before, keep it super super professional and stay true to yourself and your brand. Don't just blog something because you received free products from the company. Blog it because you love the product/recipe etc. Reach out to companies you love and reach out to bloggers that you admirer. Its amazing how many people are willing to offer advice. Whether you take it or not is up to you.
Right, that's all about that. The reason behind the above images is because I love them and I cant do a midweek mix up with out some incredible interior inspiration. See the full hometour here.
Another New Zealand brand that has been on my radar from the get go, childrens merino clothing brand, Mamoo & Lou. Mamoo & Lou have just launched their new range which is looking better than ever.  The latest range  adventures into the mystical, wonderful world of playtime using natural fibres that pay homage to the magic of the outdoors. The bold patterns are designed for romping through lifes biggest (and littlest) adventures with style and ease. And on a side note, the cutest models!
Happy hump day.
Amy x


Sunday, July 3, 2016


I somehow missed blogging the whole of last week. The week seemed to fly by between teaching and stuff that the kids had on. Hopefully I can make it up to you. I'm going to start off Monday with a look behind the scenes with one of my home favourite bloggers and who was also one of the first bloggers I ever started following. Let me introduce you to the very talented Si of FRENCHBYDESIGN blog. Si Launched FRENCHBYDESIGN in 2010 and since then has experienced rapid growth including top 5 interior design blog rankings. I managed to steal a bit of time from the busy lady herself. Thank you so much Si.

How have you been able to create and run a successful blog?
I think the blog resonates with my audience because I’m truly myself on my blog. I don’t try to be an online personality, vs. a real person. When you read my blog, it’s almost like if we were in the same room, sipping coffee and talking about life, interiors and family matters. I think authenticity is key, whether you talk about a wall color or raising teens or overcoming life challenges. I also try to avoid looking at what other bloggers post or do, because I don’t want to be a copycat or post the same thing everyone else does; I think too much ‘inspiration’ kills creativity. I also push myself to be a better blogger, through working on my original photography, learning to do videos or gifs, and constantly learning and challenging myself. 

What are your top 3 blogs to click on?

Although it’s not a blog, Pinterest is my number source of inspiration. So much goodness to click on!

I love Garance Doré because I like her authenticity and her natural sense of style. When you read her, you feel connected to her. 
I also really like Le dans La  by Aurelie Lécuyer, a French mom, blogger and photographer. Although she hasn’t been blogging much lately, favoring her Instagram feed. I like Aurelie’s unique signature style and breathtaking photography. I also recently had a chance to meet her in person then she visited San Francisco, and she’s exactly what she appears like online: soft, natural, authentic, and delicate. Truly, authenticity for me is key. In a world of social media where many depict the perfect online life, it’s refreshing to see, follow, and sometimes meet, real people. 

Thanks so much Si, you truly are inspirational to me and many others.

Amy x

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Leden Design

I have had my eye on New Zealand designer Lydia Batts of Leden Design for some time now. Lydia creates incredible hand drawn prints and cushions. Recently, Lydia has branched out adding Liddles by Leden to her growing business.

Liddles by Leden is a gorgeous range of 100% merino wool baby wraps that have been screen printed with non toxic water based dyes.  Such a cool gift for new babies. You can choose from butterflies, lions or pineapples. That lion is a winner for me! How cool is he?

Amy x

Images provided with thanks from Leden Design

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Monday mix up. Home Tour and Product Love

Happy start of the week to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The productive weekend that we were planning around the house didn't quite turn out that way. Still, it was a fun social weekend with friends. Better than jobs at home I say. Lots and lots of exciting things coming up for Milo and Mitzy that I look forward to sharing. And it turns out you quite liked reading my view on Milo and Mitzy, blogging and blogs in general that I wrote in this post. I have had some inquiries about how to start a blog so I am planning a post on this in the next wee while.

First up today, The most incredible Brisbane based boutique hotel style accommodation, Durham House. I am all over their style and love the way that they have put everything together. Although not suitable for young toddlers, (counts me out) it really is a perfect place to stay with your partner or friends.

Secondly I am loving the new Pastille table mats along with other Pastille products from the dreamy Izzy and Jean Co. How fantastic would they look at your next lunch or dinner party. I can picture now. Pop over here to view the range.

Amy x