Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GABBE X By the horns X Staple + Cloth

Happy hump day. Change of career for me today. I go from being a primary school teacher one minute, to spending my day at home blogging, photographing and answering emails. Suits me well as I am get bored very easily. A bit of art love, fashion and some gorgeous interior inspiration on todays post. Enjoy.


Again, kicking off todays post with another flippen incredible kitchen and living area by design company GABBE. I can't get enough of this companies work. I mean seriously, those tiles, the wooden accents and those black window frames. What is not to love? Oh and did you see that there is a kilim in their kitchen... I die!


You know how much I love a good farm print? Amanda King, creator of new company By the horns nails it. I am loving what I see so far and I am excited that Amanda is in the process of adding to her range and building her profile. I was lucky enough to have Amanda share a bit of an insight on what goes into creating By the horns.

First and foremost, I am a mother, farmer's wife, school teacher, children's photographer and now the creator of 'By the horns,' fine art prints. I grew up in Australia, met my husband in Croatia while on our OE, and now both living on the family farm in a small town called Windwhislte. I studied Education and have been teaching for 11 years, but during this time discovered my passion for photography. Anybody who knows me will tell you my love for animals, and I find myself lucky to be living on a farm and looking at these beautiful creatures every day! If only I could keep them all as pets. I plan on building on my portfolio in coming months, and years.  
By The Horns started all because I decided I wanted a large print for myself of a Highland Cow in my living room. After taking the picture, getting it printed on museum quality paper and then of course framed,   I started to get interest from other people and decided to get out there and take more photos of all rural animals for prints! 
 Great photographs move me, so I am happy to be an avid photographer hoping to produce my own moving images.  Photography forces you to look at the world much harder than normal. It makes you find intriguing, unusual, and stunning beauty in unexpected places, and forces you into new spaces looking for more! I really do enjoy what I do, whether that is taking photos of children or animals!
I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. I love to see how people are using artwork to accentuate their living spaces.  Some of my favourites I am currently following are @thewhiteroominteriors_nyc, @themodestfarmhouse, @well_isnt_that_lovely, @norsuinteriors, @_myhousemystyle_, @the_stables_   just to name a few!!!
Thank you so much Amanda for that insight into life behind By The Horns. If you are looking for a special piece to add to your walls, this is your place. Happy Shopping.

As a long time fan of New Zealand designed and made, Staple + Cloth, I am noticing that the brand just keeps going from strength to strength and is only getting better with age. Classic and modern, understated and elegant, the Spring Collection of Day Vs Night has my name all over it.

Amy x

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Home Tour X Hem Pocket Chair X Standard Issue

Friday! Hallelujah! We have a ball on this weekend which will be lots of fun and the usual weekend sport. I wanted to end the week on the blog on a high. I have been saving up this beauty of a home to show you for a while now. I'm obsessed. Created by design company GABBE, this home has everything that I love; beautiful tile and brick wall, vintage furniture, linen curtains, antique styled tap fittings and the most incredible windows. GABBE have created such an incredible space.

I have long lusted over these Hem Pocket Chairs by Ding3000, from The Ivy House. If I could deck my whole dining room table out in that natural colour I would be one super happy lady.

I am loving the gorgeous knits this season from Standard Issue. You cant beat an amazing knit paired with jeans. A winter staple. And the detailing that Standard Issue use on each garment is phenomenal.

Amy x

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Home tour X Annise Designs

Small businesses are killing it at the moment. Its all thanks to hard work and the power of social media. If you can acheive getting your business seen as cool and the latest must have on social media, you are on your way to nailing it. Part of this is by using influencers in your line of work to get your products out into the pucblic eye. I believe that this type of advertising is the way forward. There is a cost, these influencers are running a business, also. However a cost I feel is crucial. I will talk further into this at some stage, but for now enjoy a beautiful hometour and a gorgeous small local business, Annise Designs.

Here is an example of a home mixing old and new so perfectly.  The white walls, wooden floors and brass fittings combined with pops of muted colour really work. This incredible home by Templeton Architecture is an entry in the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards.

Annise Designs is a firm favourite of mine and it is fair to say, they are nailing it in the candle industry at present.

The candles are all hand poured and are made from soy wax which is derived from soy beans. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax and is eco-friendly, sustainable and is non-toxic, an absolute winner in my books.

I cannot tell you enough, how lovely my home smells when I light a candle from Annise Designs. Always a comment made by visitors. Such a lovely gift for friends and family and the customer service is outstanding. Can you tell that I am loving this brand?

Photography and Styling by Amy Tennent, Milo and Mitzy

Amy x

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fremont Hide x Strangers Collective x Robson Rak

Happy Sunday to you all. I thought, what better way to finish off the week than to introduce you to some rad brands and some outstanding design?

Fremont Hide. These caps sure are a staple in anyones wardrobe. Male or Female. AND super comfy. A must have. Like seriously, these guys, Elena and Rick, are all over it. I was lucky enough to have virtual chat with one half of the creative duo, Elena. I love a good story and this one is a goody.

Our story started when we were travelling around Mexico and the states, we found some really cool markets which had beautiful leather goods. It inspired us to start our own business and support the NZ leather market as NZ is well renowned worldwide for producing some of the best leather. We decided to use deer leather, as the industry is in decline, yet, it is some of the best leather in the world. We were inspired to hand make our products in New Zealand to support the local economy. 

We love that each of our caps are unique, due to the individual characteristics of each animal hide and the limited runs we make.

We hand make around 10 - 20 hats of each colour and hand pick each hide used for the hats and we name each hat after a special place we have visited. 

The hats are super comfortable and are adjustable to anyones head. They are great for travelling because of the flexible peak and design, meaning you can throw it in your bag, and not worry about it getting crushed.

Honestly, I highly recommend adding one of these amazing Fremonte Hide caps to your wardrobe. A necessity, for sure!

Strangers Collective - a beautiful, curated collection of unique and well designed pieces for your home. Strangers Collective was born when two design mad Mums, Leigh and Lysh, joined forces. From cute little ceramic bowls, to handwoven beautiful throws, amazing hand drawn prints and even plant based hand soaps and creams, so much goodness in one space. Three of my personal favourite above. Watch this space. I believe Strangers Collective are ones to watch.

And lastly, lets finish off with some clever work from the ever talented Robson Rak Architects. Robson Rak Architects gave this incredible family home a complete re-design using a mix of bricks, polished concrete and dark oak textures and ensuring to open the living areas to utilise the outdoor space.

Photography by Lisa Cohen and Mark Roper

Amy x

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Monicas Eatery

Situated in New Plymouths West End Precinct, nearing their second year operating, Monica'sEatery is an international art cafe inspired by modern food and beverages.  Monicas Eatery draws on the influencers and creativity of the West End Precinct community, particularly that of the gallery, The Govett-Brewster. Their menu is created using the best produce from local and international suppliers. Their meat and eggs are local & free range and they aim to maximise healthiness without sacrificing flavour.
The style of Monicas is a comfortable and edgy environment that draws on re-purposed materials. The mixture of of wood, the indoor plants, contemporary lighting and touches of brass create one very cool, on point place to visit. 
This story was shot by our very talented photographer Anna Briggs. Anna is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Wellington. She enjoys photographing lifestyle imagery with a documentary approach and tends to photograph her subject matter in its natural environment with ambient lighting. 
Amy x