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Happy Queens Birthday to you all. An average day weather wise here but nice to get jobs done around the house although my vacuum cleaner did pack itself! And can you believe it? I am actually writing a blog! Heres hoping it wont be too far between posts next time.

I am always a massive fan of how the Australians do design and interiors and this Bondi home by architect Michelle Orszaczky and built by Robert Plumb Project is no exception. They seem to nail that indoor/outdoor living every time and fair enough I guess with their weather.  The gabled roof and wooden slats are what caught my eye with the exterior and the choices of wood, the white accents, the lighting choices and that office space is the winner for me on the inside. (Photography by Prue Roscoe and landscape designed by

How gorgeous is this new children's clothing brand Hudson + The Hare? Brought to you by talented designer Lily from Coastal Coramandel village, Kuaotuna, and inspired by the adventures of her son, Hudson. Do you want to know the bad news? They only go up to a size 4. Boooo. Why cant Frankie and Patch stop growing? Slow down please! 

I always will be and always have been a massive lover and avid follower of homewares and textile company, Ponyrider. Actually I was the first person to retail their wares here in New Zealand. I brought a small bespoke line of art works into the country and they went in a flash. 

I was stoked to see one of my favourite stores, Superette had a new range of Ponyrider products in store and online. Check them out here for more. 

Amy x

Mercer and Mercer X George & Willy X The Style Tales by Christall Lowe X Blackbird Goods

Back to school this week. I can hear the cheers from Mums around the country. Back to work for me that means. It was so nice to enjoy some time with the kids at our new home over the holidays. Nice not to rush in the mornings and can I just say how awesome it was not having to make school lunches!

If I rememember rightly, I think it was the ceilings of this home that caught my attention. The use of concrete blocks and the cedar cladding is a real winner. Raw materials, the lack of lining and unfussy details is what makes this house work. Designed by New Zealand architect firm, Mercer & Mercer, the brief from the clients was different and fun which has certainly been acheived. Interior by Grant and Liz Davis and photography by Patrick Reynolds. 

George & Willy's reputation just keeps going from strength to stregnth. As a magazine addict, I regularly buy home and design magazine, a lot of these been Australian based. Its not often at present that I dont pick up an Australian home magazine and George and Willy dont feature. These guys are killing it here and internationally. My picks for today is the leather skipping rope and the leather mouse pad. Such cool unique gifts to give. 

I have always been a fan of Christall Lowe of The Style Tales. So much talent and so inspiring. This girl knows how to create, cook, style and photograph all in one and guess what, shes happy to teach you, too. If this is your thing, or you have an inkling to learn, I strongly recommed you to purchase a ticket to her workshop. I hope to be there for sure. 

And lastly, when I see clothing like this I go all clucky like! Why cant my babies still be small?! Stop growing already would ya? These gorgeous denim numbers are from local faves, Blackbird Goods

Amy x

New Adairs bedding for Patch

I have recently painted Patchys room. It was a yellow colour with a floral freeze, so, being a real boys boy I thought I that I had better tackle his room first and do away with the floral. I still have a paint feature I want to complete but for now the white has refreshed the room. 

We decided it would be cool, being a larger room, to put up the trundler bed if Patch has a friend to stay. I had the job of choosing new bed linen from Adairs. I thought I would go for something a bit fun for Patch as hes a kid with a lot of personality. The marle dinosaur throw at the end of each bed adds character to the muted denim blue quilt that I chose. I also like to hide things under the beds hence the reason I went for the longer quilt. I can safely say, Patchy is a massive fan! 

Amy x

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Adairs. I only work with products and brands that I love. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Home Tour X Alys & Bibin

Happy Easter, I hope you all had an amazing break be it heading away on holiday or spending time at home getting much needed jobs done. We were the latter. Kicked off by a fun late night party at our house on Friday with friends. I actually enjoy time at home over Easter and it was nice to have some down time enjoying our new property which we are absolutely loving. I am nearly finished Patchys room which has been the first room to makeover. This needed to happen as it was yellow and floral which somehow didn't really match my farming, sport mad boy!

We managed to achieve a bit in the garden. Always satisfying seeing the results. Hence the reason I am showing you this property today. This came about as I was madly searching and pinning courtyard images. Design company Kennedy Nolan approached this renovation with the idea of English Style arts and crafts house in mind and to reorganise the living to engage the interiors directly with the courtyard and garden. 

This, in particular was what drew me in, the large black framed doors opening up onto the courtyard of this property and the fact that they lead off from the main living areas. 

And that cladding on the wall of the room by the swimming pool. I am all over that. In fact I am looking for something clever and stylish similar to this to hide a tank near our back door. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. 

Next up, I would like to introduce you to Alys & Bibin, an incredible homewares store drawing inspiration from island life and relaxed vibes. Alys & Bibin owner Caitlin, believes that your home is a place to rejuvenate and relax and that your home is a place to fill with your loved treasures and unique homewares. Filled with gorgeous products, Alys & Bibin is definitely one to watch. 

Amy x

Parex MultiTap

As you all know, we have moved into a new home. I am absolutely loving our new spot. Such a nice feeling about this property that will become our forever home. So in saying that and me being me, I am definitely but slowly taking on some renovations throughout the home to really stamp our mark. One thing I will be working on first, is the kitchen. Its a beautiful kitchen with an amazing outlook but for our active wee family there are some changes that need to be made. So as you can imagine, I have been intensely researching. One kitchen must have that I am absolutely loving right now is the Parex MultiTap. 

The Parex MultiTap provides filtered near-boiling water for effortless coffees and teas, as well as filtered hot and cold water from the same tap. A win win if you ask me. Switching between making myself a cuppa and doing the dishes never looked so easy. And waiting for that hot hot water to boil my hungry kids vegetables would be an absolute breeze. Not to mention the fact that I could do away with our old kitchen jug that clogs the bench. The MultiTap is easy to install with plug in convenience and tool free connections, it really does seem like a no-brainer.  

Amy x

hej hej

I am thrilled to pieces to bring you an exclusive interview with the designers behind womenswear brand hej hej who do linen like no other, Kiki and Alice. And thanks to these talented girls, I am lucky enough to be giving an indigo tie cami and white shorts set away to one lucky follower over on instagram. 

How and why did hej hej begin?

Alice has been working in the industry for over 12 years in Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong. Kiki has been on the ground in Greater China for nearly 5 years and has a background in the tech world.

We have been friends since uni and always shared a love of clothing, sewing and fashion. We’ve talked about starting something together for years.

After travelling and living in Asia, we discovered linen clothing was the best to beat the heat. But we couldn’t find stylish or affordable 100% linen pieces that we loved, so we started making our own.

It has been amazing working with other creative friends around the world. Our graphic designer & art director Macarena is based in London and our photographer Tane, an old school friend, flew over from Sydney to work with us.

What inspires you?

Premium fabrics that are high quality, functional, easy to wear and look fab. We love linen(obviously!), cashmere and silk.
● Brands like Triangl, who are located close to their suppliers, develop products with interesting fabrics and have found success with their online model.

What online accounts/websites do you follow?

● Instagram: Teddys Store, Tane Coffin (our amazing photographer), The Brim Label, Sauce Mag, Greta van der Star, Anyone Girl.
● Pinterest is a big influence for us, we love seeing different people wear clothes in their own

If we were visiting your town what could we do?

Start with brunch at Kokako Cafe followed by shopping on Ponsonby Road. Take an afternoon dip at Point Chev then finish the day off with dinner at Coco’s Cantina on K'Road.

Where would we shop and eat?


● Simon James Concept Store in Herne Bay
● Centerpoint Fabrics in Newmarket - they have a great selection and the staff are super helpful
● Father Rabbit for homewares
● Ponsonby Road for everything else


● Tiger Burger for the amazing Gang-jeong Burger (chicken burger) and Kimcheese Burger
(cheese burger with kimchi)
● Kokako Cafe in Grey Lynn for brunch
● Blue Breeze Inn for modern Chinese food
● Ripe Deli for great takeaway lunch options and iced coffee
● Toto Pizza (we’re big pizza fans around here)
● & Sushi for the best looking sushi in town
● Mt Albert Markets on a Saturday morning for our weekly shop

Thank you so much to the girls at hej hej, Kiki and Alice. Such incredible wares. I will be watching the future of this brand closely. Im thinking big things. For your chance to win an indigo tie cami and white linen shorts, head over to Milo and Mitzys Instagram page.

Amy x

Interview with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co

I am super excited today to be sharing an interview that I did recently with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co and also the very talented photographer behind Print by George. 

Tell us about Gigi Goods & Co and what inspired you to start this journey?

Gigi was an idea I had long before even Print By George came about.  It was a project that I  had in in the back of my mind for a long time and just couldn’t shake it. Originally I thought Print By George would turn into a travelling gallery, but overtime it progressed into selling items that I personally love and use into setting up a travelling homewares shop. The gallery is now something I will incorporate into Gigi. 

When I set up Print By George, I didn’t have the funds to jump straight into buying and renovating a caravan and so I ran a business online from the farm until I could afford to buy Gigi and do her up. 

I am not sure what inspired me to start a caravan mobile business, but I think I have always been interested in buying a caravan and I was always keen to set up a pop up shop of some kind, whether it was selling my photographs or putting my love of interiors and design together to sell homewares…these all worked hand in hand. Also part of it is that I live slightly remotely here in NZ and to set up a shop from home wasn’t going to be the most profitable for a shop like this unless online, it had to be mobile and able to travel.

Where do you you draw your inspiration from?

Magazines. I am in LOVE with print! However, in the last couple of years, I have really got into online blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. Following people online is so simple and to see every day people and what they love is so personal and easily accessed.

What accounts/websites do you follow online?

A lot from the UK and Australia. Of course NZ too, but I find I still adore my roots of the UK style and design. There are a lot of bloggers and places in the UK who inspire me on a day to day such as The Frugality and Artist Residence and then in Australia I love the likes of Byron Beach Abodes and Designstuff. Within NZ, I am obsessed with getting Homestyle magazine delivered to my doorstep every issue! Its the most peaceful interiors magazine I know. Pinterest is also a total babe in helping with all areas of inspiration.

Best  thing to do/eat/visit for someone visiting your local area?

Give me a few months and I would recommend coming to stay at our very own farmstay in the Grey Valley on the West Coast!!! (WIP!!)

But for food, I would certainly go down to Hokitika beach front and say hi to Jeb in her coffee cart Bloom Coffee. She hand bakes some fab treats and the coffee is gorgeous. Then a must visit is to take a coffee from Greymouth town and some fish and chips from Cobden and drive up to one of the piers and watch the waves (& surfers) come in. You are then totally set for a cheeky date night with your best mate!

Thank you so much to the gorgeous and talented Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co.

Amy x

Home Tour X Hudson + The Hare X Ponyrider

Happy Queens Birthday to you all. An average day weather wise here but nice to get jobs done around the house although my vacuum cleaner di...