Saturday, February 11, 2017

Garden Love x Hatchet Duffel x Alex & Corbans Berlin Throw

Happy Sunday. Its always a goody when you kick it off with no hangover. I have sent the kids out for a picnic while I attempt to get some work done. I have pages and pages open on my computer screen. Half of them are blogging things and half of them are school things. Multi tasking at its finest.

My family and I are I guess you would say outdoorsy people. (Does it count if I meant enjoying a wine outside?) Living on a farm, we are lucky enough to have a lot of space. The next big project my husband and I would like to do, is the landscaping on our property. We have a fairly blank canvas which is great and I love gardens but it is safe to say I need a bit of help. Some expert advice one layout and plantings. This landscaping and planting above is so up my alley. Lots of greens and lots of structure. Husband is dreaming of a tennis court, I am dreaming of a pool. The reality is, neither of us will get either for a very long time! This contemporary garden is designed by Melbourne based Eugene Gilligan.I (Can we fly him over?)

I love these duffel bags from New Zealands Hatchet. Made from a mix of oiled leather and waxed canvas. With removable straps and lockable zips, these duffel bags make the perfect overnight or weekender bag.

How good is the Berlin Throw from Alex & Corban. Made from wool, this throw is the perfect addition for any bed, sofa or reading nook.

Amy x

Friday, February 10, 2017

Frankie Wears for Beau Monde Babe

It has been a while since I have popped a Frankie Wears on the blog. This gorgeous dress is an Aubrie dress from Beau Monde Babe and although Beau Monde Babe have sold out, I thought that it was only fitting to pop this on here as I wanted to mention the quality of every piece that we have ever owned from Beau Monde Babe and the selection that Emma chooses for her store is unlike anything else. I often browse Beau Monde Babe and could seriously buy the whole lot. Emma has new winter stock arriving weekly at present so do pop over and check it all out.

Amy x

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kitchen Tour x Mahsa x Belle Hawk

Happy hump day after a long weekend for us here in New Zealand. We enjoyed a family wedding which was really lovely at Black Barn Vinyard in Havelock North. And on another note, the summer dream is over for me. I am back at school teaching after a long 6 weeks of not. First day yesterday. A scramble to get everyone out the door, however we made it and I had a great day being back in the classroom.

Kicking off today is an amazing kitchen with a slight industrial, slight country feel by the very talented Leanne Ford Interiors. Those tiles, that shelving unit, the table and light oh and not to forget that sink. All of Leannes work is absolutley incredible. I would highly reccommend checking the rest of her projects out.

I recently discovered Mahsa, a clothing label designed and made here in New Zealand through one of my favourite go to stores, Charlie Who. Using raw fibres such as silk, cotton and wool in beautiful earthy tones, Mahsa pieces are easy to layer, elegant and timeless. Mahsa is dedicated to the modern woman, offering an effortless collection that is easy to wear, yet still making the wearer feel beautiful. Those bow blouses have my name all over them.

Belle Hawk have been on my radar for quite sometime now, producing beautiful functional products for the home. In 2016 saw the introduction of Belle Hawk art. From original abstract paintings to painting on ply and linen as well as my favourite of the lot, these very cool whimsical, graphic collages pieces which can be hung in either landscape or portrait format.

Happy days.

Amy x

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Slow x House of Jamie x Cultiver

Thursday, my last full week before going back to school. Eeek. Im rather enjoying being at home. We have a family wedding tomorrow at the beautiful Blackbarn in Hawkes Bay which I am very much looking forward to. And although this rain is good, perhaps holding off tomorrow would be a good idea.

I am completely in awe of Balis The Slow designed by George Gorrow, the original co-founder of Ksubi. No wonder it is so darn cool. Oh and jeepers I have to get to Bali one day. Is that where all the best of the best designers hang? Seems like it.

Oh would you look at these? I will take one of each colour for Frankie please and do you make them in adults sizes? No but seriosuly, if anyone wants to order one these amazing ruffle jumpsuits from House of Jamie, let me know, I would love to jump in on your order to cut shipping costs.

Cultiver, you get it right every time. Every god dam time! So many things to choose from, so much inspiration, always on top of your game.

Short and sweet today, sorry but this gal has got a lot to do before the tribe get home from preschool.

Happy weekend.

Amy x

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Duett Design x Green x Loft Tour

Ive been watching the progression of Duett Design for quite sometime now. Duett Design is run by husband and wife team, Hannah and Greg Straight. Duett Design now brings larger photography prints to the table by talented New Zealand artists Nic Staveley and Rueben James. These large prints work well in many different styled homes.

Usually I am a navy kind of girl when it comes to colours and although I still am, I am really digging green in both fashion and interiors. Clock wise from top left. Scandinavian kitchen featuring green floor, Martino Gamper Stool from Paper Plane Store, Girls dress by Gray label, Bathroom by Elizabeth Roberts, Designer bath by designer Micheal ScherrerLumbini Rug from Precinct 35, Green velvet sofa.

I absolutely adore this loft like Brooklyn family home designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. An extensive renovation took place to expose existing floorboards and that beautiful staircase, how could one not love it, right?

Happy new school year to families with school kids. I am back teaching next week so another week to sink my teeth into some blog work and DIY and a family weddding on Friday which I am looking forward to.

Amy x

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NZ House & Garden x Brosa x NY Loft

Hey, Hawkes Bay people and beyond, who is coming to the Hawkes Bay NZ House and Garden tour? I will be there and cannot wait.

And while we are on the subject of the NZ House and Garden Tour, this beautiful home above photographed by the talented Brian Culy will be one that you can view here in Hawkes Bay, along with many others. The tour is also coming to four other lcoations throughout NZ during February, March and April -Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, Christchurch, Wanaka and Auckland. Honestly I wish I could get to them all.

Ive been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at some of the featured homes and seriously, you will not be dissapointed. I mean, who wouldnt want to view some of the countries most beautiful houses and gardens? There are various tickets avaliable so check here to see all of the details, and Hawkes Bay people, I will see you there. Be sure to say hi.

I am such a massive fan of Brosa. Their story really sits well with me. A store selling beautiful designer furniture directly from the maker without the hefty price tag. Cutting out the wholesalers and importers if you look at it this way. There are so many pieces that I have my eye on and you all know that I am a sucker for chairs, so above are two of my faves. Oh and are you in the market for a sofa? Brosa have some of the coolest I have seen around lately. Too many to choose from in fact.

Isnt this the most incredible New York loft belonging to interior designer Jennifer Hanlin? You know, one of those ones you see in your dreams... Young, driven and living the highlife in New York, you know? That dream! Or is that just me?

I just wanted to chat a bit before I go, I often get asked from people who have just started a new business, how to go about getting their name out there. Social media is hugely important, but I think before you launch into that, I cant stress this enough, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay to get product shots as well as styled images. This is the most important thing for me as we are talking online here, a visual tool. Its not like people can pick up your product and have a look at it in the flesh in most cases, so to me, photography is hugely important. A cost you might be trying to avoid but for me, this is something I definitely wouldnt skimp on.

Secondly, back yourself and contact your favourite blogs. Be confident. More than likely, if you have great photos and a good product, that blogger or online influencer will be interested. I mean, if it was me, I would be sending out emails to several bloggers, crossing my fingers that one of them was interested in either blogging/photographing my product. And if they are not, you will simply recieve a thanks but no thanks. Dont let that discourage you, it just might not suit the bloggers style.

Please do flick me any questions, I am always happy to help.

Happy Thursday to you all.

Amy x

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Home Tour x Brijana Cato x Foodie Fave

We are back after a wee break away at the lake which was lovely. Hows the weather this summer, I dont mean to talk weather but we are so dry here in Hawkes Bay yet we havent had much of a summer. Although in saying that, it is currently raining outside.

I spoke a bit on my instagram stories the other day as I felt like I was in a bit of a creative rutt over on Instagram. I work hard to push my instagram and yet I felt like I was second guessing myself a bit. I have since realised that I was worried I wasnt being real enough but in fact, that is not that case at all. I am 100 percent real, however, Milo and Mitzy is not a brand where I will be sharing my absolute uncovered daily life in terms of my family. Milo and Mitzy is a design blog first and foremost and I need to stay true to that. My goal is to showcase the best of New Zealand, Australian and international design with a wee glimpse of my own life and home. So with that being said, I want to start by showing you a gorgeous hunting cabin turned family home.

Based in the Los Angeles hills, this gorgeous family home has been transformed from a hunting cabin into a labour of love. The owners have worked hard to strip it down and have chosen each piece of furniture carefully from midcentury one off pieces to furniture made by friends.  To see more of this incredible home, pop over to owner Serenas beautiful instagram account.

I have been following young New Zealand photographer Brijana Cato for a wee while now since first discovering her instagram account and I reckon she deserves all the credit that she can get. Such cool work, with a few big names to add to her client list including RPM and Federation. The fun adventuourous vibe that her work entails is what I really dig.  This girl is seriously one to watch.

I am all about fresh, quick, healthy meals this summer. Currently, I am eating a lot of crispy chicken and fish tacos. Cant get much better. This image by food stylist Nathan Carrabba.