Interview with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co

I am super excited today to be sharing an interview that I did recently with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co and also the very talented photographer behind Print by George. 

Tell us about Gigi Goods & Co and what inspired you to start this journey?

Gigi was an idea I had long before even Print By George came about.  It was a project that I  had in in the back of my mind for a long time and just couldn’t shake it. Originally I thought Print By George would turn into a travelling gallery, but overtime it progressed into selling items that I personally love and use into setting up a travelling homewares shop. The gallery is now something I will incorporate into Gigi. 

When I set up Print By George, I didn’t have the funds to jump straight into buying and renovating a caravan and so I ran a business online from the farm until I could afford to buy Gigi and do her up. 

I am not sure what inspired me to start a caravan mobile business, but I think I have always been interested in buying a caravan and I was always keen to set up a pop up shop of some kind, whether it was selling my photographs or putting my love of interiors and design together to sell homewares…these all worked hand in hand. Also part of it is that I live slightly remotely here in NZ and to set up a shop from home wasn’t going to be the most profitable for a shop like this unless online, it had to be mobile and able to travel.

Where do you you draw your inspiration from?

Magazines. I am in LOVE with print! However, in the last couple of years, I have really got into online blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. Following people online is so simple and to see every day people and what they love is so personal and easily accessed.

What accounts/websites do you follow online?

A lot from the UK and Australia. Of course NZ too, but I find I still adore my roots of the UK style and design. There are a lot of bloggers and places in the UK who inspire me on a day to day such as The Frugality and Artist Residence and then in Australia I love the likes of Byron Beach Abodes and Designstuff. Within NZ, I am obsessed with getting Homestyle magazine delivered to my doorstep every issue! Its the most peaceful interiors magazine I know. Pinterest is also a total babe in helping with all areas of inspiration.

Best  thing to do/eat/visit for someone visiting your local area?

Give me a few months and I would recommend coming to stay at our very own farmstay in the Grey Valley on the West Coast!!! (WIP!!)

But for food, I would certainly go down to Hokitika beach front and say hi to Jeb in her coffee cart Bloom Coffee. She hand bakes some fab treats and the coffee is gorgeous. Then a must visit is to take a coffee from Greymouth town and some fish and chips from Cobden and drive up to one of the piers and watch the waves (& surfers) come in. You are then totally set for a cheeky date night with your best mate!

Thank you so much to the gorgeous and talented Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co.

Amy x

Home tour X Formantics X Willow & Ash

I was just looking over the images in today's post, a very clean, fresh, white post for you today. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is a bit of  a de-clutter trend going on, at present. I guess I have no choice but to de-clutter as we move houses in a little under 3 weeks! Crikey! Ive added in some gorgeous artwork by an artist whom I have always admired as I feel this art work adds a bit of interest and fun to any space. 

This home screams relax and chill to me. Not so much with kids but, relax and chill for a weekend with your partner and a good book. Thats more what I am meaning. And hey, I am fine doing that for a weekend, trust me! How cool does that Ochre coloured bedlinen look against the white. You can purchase similar here. 

I have long admired the work of talented artist Susan from New Zealands Formantics. Contemporary and vibrant and as I said earlier, these pieces add a touch of playfulness to any room. These above are just a few of my many favourite Formantics pieces. 

So with my family being on the move comes a good time for me to declutter and reorganise. (or in my case, organise) Willow & Ash have come to my rescue providing a great range of products from Tosca which make organising your home a breeze. Made out of coated steel and an ash coloured wood, these kitchen accessories make putting some order in to your home a breeze. 

Amy x

Summer House X George and Willy X Mr Bigglesworthy

Happy hump day. Ive mentioned in a couple of posts on instagram that I have some excting things coming up which I can now tell you about. One personal, and one business. The Milo and Mitzy news is that I will be launching a small jewellery range in the coming months and the personal news is that we are moving house and farm in four weeks. Very quick and exciting stuff. Hence the reason I am busy seeking inspiration and looking around at furniture as the house we move to is much bigger than our current. 

Although back at work, I cant quite seem to snap myself out of holiday mode due to this hot weather. Im drawn to beautiful summer houses at present. This incredible home located in the Hamptons screams peaceful summer to me. Renovated by designer Jessica Helgerson, that dining room setting, both indoor and out is truley something special. Oh, and I will be stealing that window seat design for my own up and coming renovations, for sure. 

New Zealand brand, George and Willy just keep pulling out the goods, gaining quite a name for themselves in the design world. Their latest, The Table Mounted Paper Roller is an innovative way to dispense paper in your shop, office or home. Simple yet fucntional which is what this brand is all about. I truely reccommend keeping an eye on these guys, always going one step ahead. 

So as I mentioned, I have been busy looking around and seeking inspiration for our future move. One brand that I often turn to for furniture is Mr Bigglesworthy. Why? Aswell as offering new and unique pieces, this brand is leading the path for vintage. I am one to shop around for something a little different. Mr Bigglesworthy offer timeless designs in both their new and vintage lines that are of the highest quality.

Amy x

Delatite Station X Spex Eyewear X Bohzali

Always seeking high and low for the best in design and fashion for you, I have some incredible properties that I have been saving up to show you. I am hoping to do some more of my own house projects this year so as well as looking for amazing homes to put on the blog, I am doubling up and seeking out the best inspiration for my own home. A win win if you ask me.

This incredible home, Delatite Station, by Templeton Architecture, was built in 1890 and is one of the oldest properties in its area and it is that history that drew me to this property. The fact that it has been renovated yet still manages to hold its charm and history is such an appeal to me. The results of this renovation completed by Templeton Architecture is outstanding. 

As summer arrived I found myself searching for new sunglasses. The only place that my husband and I buy our sunnies from is Spex Eyewear. So naturally I head online to Spex Eyewear. They have some amazing brands in store and online and the best styles. The staff were so helpful and I ended up getting myself a pair of Valleys, an Australian brand that I had never worn before but one of the girls there pointed me in that direction and I love them. 

I get so so many comments on my amazing kilim rug in my living room.  My beautiful rug, from Bohzali in New Zealand, originally came all the way from Marrakech where it was handmade by local artisans. Bohzali brings one of a kind pieces to you from Morocco, Australia and Bali. Every piece is has been carefully selected and has a unique one of a kind look. 

Amy x

My styling for Logan & Mason

Im sitting here writing this in a quiet household which is a real change for me. My kids are away on holiday. Its not often that this happens so although I am missing them like made I am also relishing in the opportunity, too. 

As part of my job with Milo and Mitzy I have been given the opportunity to style some incredible products. Today I was lucky enough to work with bed linen company, Logan & Mason who, in fact, are a brand that I have always used in my household, anyway. I chose to style from Logan & Mason a beautiful quilted, chevron patterned coverlet with matching pillows and euros. Mixed with chunky knit style throw in a natural hue, my bedroom was looking dreamy! the organically natural colour of this throw would coordinate with most decors, so I will be mixing and matching it throughout my bedrooms. 

Choosing a white quilted coverlet from Logan & Mason allowed me to eliminate a vallance and although white might seem like a cold, crisp choice, I believe mixing and matching the throw and cushions is the perfect way to change the look around. The white works so well with many different looks and adds a sence of calm to any bedroom. 

The incredible flowers here that I have chosen for this shoot were put together by the talented Trista Knoch of Botanical Lane. Do check out her website or instagram. So much goodness. 

Amy x

This post was created in collaboration with Logan & Mason. I stay true to my style and only work with products thats coincide with this. 

Williams Road

Happy Christmas and New Years to you all. I think I say this every year but this year I have some big things planned in 2018 for Milo and Mitzy. And some big things planned personally for my family. Im hoping to continue to bring you the latest in design both nationally and internationally and will continue to appreciate receiving your emails and messages with products suggestions or simply questions and hellos.

I am so wrapt to introduce you to Williams Road. After a trip around Bali 4 years ago on a scooter visiting furniture factories, Owner Kate Williams, saw a gap in the market between high end design pieces and chain store pieces. Kate wanted to bring something a little different. Pieces that werent already availiable here in New Zealand and at a more affordable price. (Onto a winning combo there if you ask me) 

As well as beautiful products, Williams Road offers custom design pieces and an interior design service run in conjuction with talented interior designer Kate Shanahan, and at a very reasonable price might I add. Hey, I am tempted! 

I am all over that drinks trolley. Such a statement piece. 

Enjoy that sunshine, long may it last.

Amy x

Fearon Hay X Paper Plane X Marle

Sorry sorry sorry for my huge lack of absence. I have had this blog sitting for a week waiting to be finished off. Not long until the end of the school year. As much as I love being in the classroom I have to admit, I am counting down and ready for the summer break. We have had lots on, Our beautiful farm is on the market. It will be very sad to leave as we love this place but there are exciting new adventures to be had. Along with school I have had lots of new design and styling opportunities coming my way which I am very much loving and hope to do more of in the future. And on top of that, I feel semi organised in terms of christmas shopping. Oh and its my birthday in just over a week and I am a real birthday celebrator! (love a good brithday!) 

I absolutley adore the work of Fearon Hay Architects and always have done. When I saw this rececent project that they had completed, The Forest House, I instantly loved everything about it. That incredible gabled roof for one, is a showstopper in iteself and the use of dark timber throughout compliement the Waitakere Ranges that the house is situated at the foot of. Its no wonder this house has won several awards. Photography by Simon Wilson and Amelia Holms.

How cool are these new silloutte prints by Swedish artist, Amelie Hegardt, for Paper Collective avaliable here in New Zealand from Paper Plane. Speaking of Paper Plane, Did you see their latest catalogue. Honestly, if you want business inspiration, these guys are killing it. 

Im all about amazing New Zealand brands today. How good is the latest collection from Marle? Delicate colours and muted hues which is right up my alley. I just adore it and so easy and versatile to wear. 

Happy days. 

Amy x

Interview with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co

I am super excited today to be sharing an interview that I did recently with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co and also the very talented ph...