Saturday, October 15, 2016

A day out in Hawkes Bay

Something a little bit different for you today. (you know I get nervous sharing my own images on here!) If you have followed me for sometime, you will know that I am Hawkes Bay born and proud! Although I now live rural southern Hawkes Bay, my favourite thing to do is have a day out in the Hawkes Bay sunshine. Yesterday, Frankie, Patchy and I had a morning out before we headed off to a birthday party. We stopped off and visited a few of our (my) most loved places as well as a new fave.

First up we called into Parlour Projects art gallery and caught up with director/owner Sophie Wallace. We checked out Sophies current exhibition, Omarunui by Jono Rotman which was fascinating as this exhibion reflected on historic Hawkes Bay events.

We then popped through next door to my go to eatery, Opera Kicthen for a quick bite to eat. Yes those are my wee monkeys sitting eating their lunch. The carrot cake is always a hit!

We then stopped off to meet Annabelle who has just opened a gorgeous luxe bohemian homewares store in Havelock North, Plowman Collective. And of my goodness, did I absolutly LOVE everything that Annabelle stocked. Beautiful, unqiue things with a point of differences and of incredible quality. You will be seeing great things from this brand, I am sure.

A quick walk in the sunshine before heading to a birthday party and then home as I was suffering from over indulging in champange the night before with friends!

Oh, and Frankies little outfit is from Cottontail, a brand that we so love.

Amy x

P.S. Sorry about the quality of these images. I need to sort my editing tools out. Somebody teach me PLEASE!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Desert Collective X Bamboo Carpet Beater X Sage & Clare

What makes a good blog? What makes you click on a blog? Are blogs being taken over by social media? I would say yes, however, I think that if a blog is worth visiting, people still make an effort to visit frequently. A bit more of an effort than the likes of facebook, instagram and snapchat, but like I said, if the blog is any good then people will make the effort all the same.  I have been asked a few times recently about New Zealand blogs. There are several that I click on regularly. These design blogs are the design blogs here in New Zealand that do it well. These being, Fancy, Studio Home and The Design Chaser. These guys do such a good job. In saying that there are some amazing Mum blogs that I also visit, along with some incredible instagram feeds based here in New Zealand. Perhaps I will share that list another time. So why I am writing this, I work my butt off to maintain a name on our countries blog scene and if these is anything that you would like to see more of on Milo and Mitzy and any suggestions that you may have, please do flick me an email.

We have been chatting about taking a family holiday next year. I want to combine it with a bit of a work trip also. I am thinking Bali but very open minded about the location. I want to visit and photograph beautfiul places that I see so much of online. So whilst I am sitting here holiday dreaming I thought that it was only fitting I shared The Desert Collective with you, boutique accommodation based around various locations in Palm Springs.

How cool is this bamboo carpet beater from Freedom Furniture for onlye $14.95. I am going to get one next time I vist and hang it on my wall.

I have had my eye on this gorgeous label Sage & Clare for some time now. That floral pillow would go perfectly in Frankies room and what makes it even better is that there are selected peieces on sale at Tea Pea.

Amy x

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ark Shelter x Noah & Bowie

My husband and I have been discussing how we can add another guest bedroom to our property without going into full on house extensions at this point in time. We have found a little sleep out for sale just down the road. It has the most incredible native timber floors. It does need a bit of work however. I am not sure what our most cost and time effective solution would be. If anyone has any ideas on adding an extra sleeping area, I would love to hear.

So as you can imagine I have frantically been pinning sleep outs, cabins and guest bedrooms. I spotted this amazing cabin by Ark Shelter designed by international achitectual entreprenuers. These shelters have been created with the ability to be placed anywhere in the world in any environment. Ark Shelter found thanks to Est Magazine.

And lastly this evening, (yup, shes a quick post as I have got to hit the hay before I head back to school tomorrow) I am so digging these new certified organic cotton blankets from Noah & Bowie. That detailing is imperciable and those tassels! Too good! Images by Tarryn Donaldson.

Amy x

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pollen Workshop x Natty x Cloverdel Farmhouse

Hasnt the weather been a hundreds times better this week. It is fair to say I have been in such a better mood. Last week got the better of me. School holidays, a sick kid, stuck inside, washing coming out my ears.... you get my jist? So on that note, my garden is receiving a good spring tidy up and I am relishing getting amongst it.

I have mentioned before that we are on the hunt for a landscape designer to give us a bit of advice on a few things. We are looking for someone in our area, however, today I wanted to show you the work by talented designer William Murphy of Pollen Workshop who is based in the immediate Hawkes Bay area, an hour north of me. I am a fan of his no fuss, easy care landscapes. Great entertaining areas for long lazy summer lunches.

Next up, I wanted to show you these hand screenprinted linen wares by New Zealand designers Cat McKay and Fiona Gibb of Natty. Arent they rad?

And lastly, stunning farmhouse accommodation in Cloverdel, Victoria renovated by owner, interior designer, Annabel Buxton. Styled by Sharyn Cairns and photographed by Tess Newman-Morris as found thanks to Homelife.

I can see a trend happening here, I keep posting images of gorgeous botique accommodation. I think I need a holiday! In my dreams. Happy days.

Amy x

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Burrow & Be X Outdoor Living X Ottoloom

Im kicking off todays blog with a few of my favourite pieces by talented designer Catherine of Burrow & Be.

I mentioned in yesterdays posts that it feels much more like Winter here in our neck of the woods rather than Spring. That hasnt stopped me dreaming of long balmy evenings, however.

We have an amazing deck with an incredible view. We also have a gorgeous new outdoor fire coming in the next couple of weeks which I will show you at the time. I am now planning and working on our landscape. I am what you would call a very novice gardener. I love gardens, in saying that, the weeds tend to love them too. And me, well I am not so great at keeping on top of the weeds. Yes I have actually googled - how to keep your garden organised! Any tips would be greatly recieved. You guys are always a great help. And if you know of a great landscape designers in my area, send them my way. I think it might worth it for us as we are extending our lawn and parking area, planting an orchard and putting a guest room in at the bottom of our garden. Lots to be done over the next year or so.

So yes, I have been madly pinning outdoor and garden images. Above a few of my favourites. Images via 1, 2.

And speaking of sunny days, Ottoloom, a brand that I have loved since the beginning have lots of exciting new things happening and some gorgeous new products in store. Their Japanese range is on wishlist for this summer. Above is their new Brera line which will be online as of next week. Such good quality. Perfect Christmas or wedding gifts.

And lastly, I am just going to put this out there. I have a desire to put my design hat on again. An urge that I often get. Actually, an urge that has never gone away since as long as I can rememember. I am on the hunt for a new project. To collaborate with an amazing brand that fits well with Milo and Mitzys aethetic. My last design project was a 100% pure wool blanket for Forestry Home which sold out world wide within weeks and was named by New Zealand Design Blog as 2014's blanket of the year. (A made up award by Alana, but we will take it!)

So if you have any ideas to put to me whether it be fashion, homewares, furniture, kids clothing or products or whatever please do drop me an email, my mind it going nuts with designs. Id love to get a project underway again.

Amy x

Monday, September 26, 2016

Home Tour X Grey + Wild + LET LIV Stationary

Are the rest of you in New Zealand getting this rain? Very much ready for it to end now. My kids are in town with the husband at swimming lessons so I shall attempt to post todays blog feature. And can I just say, on my previous post, I asked for suggestions for Frankies birthday present. Oh my goodness, one of my lovely readers, Anna, came back to me with the most perfect present for our little dancer. It is from Romp Stomp and it is called a Flower Fairy Dance Kit. It comes with a dance dvd for kids to follow along to, a tutu, flower garland and a fairy wand. Honestly the most beautiful gift. Pop over and check them out. Such a dream for a little girl.

Modern, clean, contemporary. Easy indoor and outdoor living. This right here is Courtyard House by FIGR Architects. So well designed and so beautifully styled by Ruth Welsby. That kitchen/dining and living area is on a whole 'notha level right? Photographed by the talented Tom Blachford.

New Zealands Grey + Wild just keep on upping their game. I am head over heels in love with the pieces from BANGBANG Copenhagen that they stock along with so many more amazing ranges. This Sweatshirt!

I am not what you would call a very organised person. Hence the reason that I have made a little pact to myself to become more organised and sorted in my day to day life. Don't get me wrong, I do get things done, but I tend forget the likes of dates and town jobs easily. I have been on the hunt for some products to help me with this. LET LIV have a fantastic range of stationary which should definitely see me right.

Amy x

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Aura Home x NOZOMI x Scottish Farmhouse

Can you believe that we are nearly into October? My wee Frankie has started counting down the days until her birthday. Just under two weeks and she will be four. Crazy! I ask her to stop growing but she insists on getting bigger! I have no idea what to get her. Quite a unique character. Very creative, loves music and talking. You would call her girly but in a tomboy sort of way. She enjoys getting messy and rough and loves to run! Can you see my challenge? Any ideas greatly received please. It is also term three school holidays and thank goodness for that is all that I can say? I have piles of house work to catch up which mounts up on me during term time when I am teaching. Wish me luck getting things sorted. Right enough about that, onto the good stuff.

First up, Tracie Ellis of Aura once again shows us the goods and I can honestly say that this has to be my favourite range yet.

Next up, I received an email from Mitch and Erin who have just launched unique homewares store, NOZOMI. (You had me at unique homewares!) Upon checking out their website, I was so impressed with what I saw. Not the same same that tends to be on the boring side. Ethical, unique and different products of amazing quality. I could have shown you the lot but I wanted to show you first and foremost, the product that is at the top of my wish list from NOZOMI. I absolutely adore this handwoven Pom Pom banana leaf floor basket. And what makes it even better is that profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft these products.

We should really finish off this evening on a high note. How is this amazing Scottish Farmhouse photographed by Martin Kaufmann? Give me mulled wine and a babysitter and I am there.

Just before I go, please do let me know if you have any great birthday ideas for Frankie. Also if anyone can recommend any gardening sites or social media pages, id love to hear them and lastly, I am just updating my makeup and skincare products. If you have any amazing recommendations, please do flick me a message.

Amy x