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Wow, can you believe that it is only one full week left until Christmas. I dont know about you but time seems to be going faster and faster. I turned 32 on Sunday. 32!!!! I still act like I am 26. 26 was a good year! I often tell my husbnad that I dont think I was brought on this planet to be an adult. Speaking of good times, Sunday was a good day. The family and friends really pulled through with the goods. And on mentioning goods, have I got some goodies for you today.

Firstly, while I am on holiday this summer, my number one DIY that I want to get done is adding a bit of colour to my kitchen. Its a beautiful light, white, airy kitchen but I am keen to add in some subtle colour. My go to inspiration site, is the beautiful work of London based design company, Devol Kitchens. Their attention to is spot on.

If you are after christmas gifts these gorgeous speckled ceramics from Makerie would be perfect. I have some of these products in my cupboard and they really are lovely. Perfect for the wife, friend, aunty, mum or any other foodie loving friend.

And lastly, here is what is on my Christmas wishlist. This incredibly amazing moroccan throw from Souk. How awesome is it? Perfect on the end of my bed.

Amy x

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