Thank you and Merry Christmas

Wow! Two thousand and sixteen you were quite the year for me. I am going to take this time to sign out before Christmas and share with you the highlights of my year and the plans (sort of) for 2017. Firstly, I am want to say a huge huge thank you to you all. Milo and Mitzy has now been ticking along for the past six years and I am hugely proud of where it is at. Many of you have been here from the beginning and it is you lot that make me want to strive for more. I continue to keep Milo and Mitzy going and continue to work so hard on it because I love it. I love what I do and perhaps one day I can do this full time. For now, I love my teaching job and feel lucky that I am able to do both. (Can someone give me more hours in a day, however.)

This year has seen me grow in followers hugely which was my number one goal. It has also seen me work with some incredible brands such as Tilespace, InResidence, Delonghi and Dulux to name a few. I feel very lucky for this. My instagram has also been a huge focus, cue a new camera and hours of viewing youtube "how to photograph" clips. I hope to continue to grow my styling and photography for instagram over the next year.

During the month of May I pulled of something that I could have only dreamed of doing prior to this year. I organised Sunday with Milo and Mitzy and Opera Kitchen featuring Father Rabbit. What an honour it was to work with Claudia and Nick of Father Rabbit and Jennifer of Opera Kitchen on this event along with the many other brands that were involved. What inspiring people they all were and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better event. I was so stoked with how it turned out and it truly was a bit of a pinch myself moment for me.

I have also become a regular contributor to home column which is a super exciting opportunity for me and is proving to be another platform to showcase great New Zealand design which is my number one passion.

So what is happening in 2017? Well I cant say too much. (bad habit of mine, talk to much and things don't happen!) I can tell you that I am planning to offer a bit of blogging for time poor businesses that fit with my brand and style. Meaning, I will be offering a service where I write a regular features for businesses who have a blog but never have the chance to use it. Get in touch here if you would like to know more.

I also have the most incredibly exciting project in the very very early stages that is my absolute, ultimate dream. It is something that I am looking at doing with another blogger who I admire greatly. Sadly that is all I can tell you at this minute.

I hope to do some more work on my own home. I have some great wee DIYs ready and waiting for me to kick into in January. Unfortunately I am a hopeless DIYer but hey, one can only learn right? I will share my progress and any great new products I have in my home over on instagram and facebook.

I am also hoping to get around the countryside a bit more with my trusty camera and visit and photograph some of these incredible stores, cafes and accommodation spots that I often harp on about. If you would like to sponsor my trip, feel free ;)

And on top of all of this, I am about to start my teachers registration.... eeek. Wish me luck! (This is the bit I am most scared of!)

Truly, thank you all so much. I felt like such a fake when I began this blog, it is only now, towards the end of this year where I have started to believe that hey, perhaps I do have a good thing going here. So thank you again for stopping by when you get the chance.

Merry Christmas.

Amy xx

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