Sunday with Milo and Mitzy and Opera Kitchen

I have been avoiding blogs and emails this week. I needed a week off after such a busy but fantastic event that I hosted along side Opera Kitchen last Sunday. Sunday with Milo and Mitzy and Opera Kitchen was something that I had been planning in my head for quite some time. The idea was to host an event where people could come, listen a a couple of speakers, drink good wine and coffee, eat amazing food and shop from a very select few stalls.

The event came together nicely. We had Claudia and Nick of Father Rabbit on board which was super exciting.  Claudia and Nick stayed in the amazing new lodge at Craggy Range and tiki toured around enjoying what Hawkes Bay had on offer.  Claudia was there as our guest speaker. She gave us a very real look into Father Rabbit and how it has evolved from the beginning through to where it is today. It was a very inspiring talk with many people mentioning to me that they were feeling super motivated after hearing her speak. After this we listened to Jennifer who is the woman behind Opera Kitchen and the other Eat Drink Share eateries in Hawkes Bay. I was very fortunate to work with Jennifer on this event. She is an incredibly driven lady who runs four eateries very successfully. Not an easy task.

After listening to Claudia and Jennifer, guests were free to shop from one of our 6 stalls. We had Father Rabbit, Homebase Collections, Ottoloom, Mekka, Nikki Gabriel Knitwear and Goblin Babywear. Each stall was set up beautifully in the Parlour Projects Gallery. Guests also indulged on the most divine dessert table put together by Picnic and were treated to delicious Rod McDonald wine and O Pure water.

Call me crazy but Im actually thinking of hosting these events in other cities. If you have any ideas for me on venues or you are keen to collaborate on this in any way, flick me an email. Im all ears. I have had so much positive feedback. I cant thank everyone enough who were involved and to all that attended. Im so greatful and feel so lucky to have the opportunity to host such things.

Apologies again for completely ignoring the blog this week. I will make it all up over the weekend.  Enjoy.

Amy x

Images taken by myself and Anthony Chiappin

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