Kitchen Envy

Happy Monday morning to you. I trust this finds you all well. I have a few shop keeper interviews to get posted in the next week or 2 and will be sharing of course more house tours and blogger shares posts along the way. 

So I am absolutely thrilled to be included in Stylizimos blog directory along side of some of the greatest names in the blogging world. Whilst checking out Stylizimo as I often do because creator Nina is such an inspiration, I cam across this kitchen. I posted one image on Facebook this morning but here is the rest of it.

If you've been following Milo and Mitzy for a while now, (It all began in 2011, my first follower was Vic of Cush and Nooks!) you will know that I am a mad keen cook. Try to be anyway. It is sort of my happy place. My down time if you know what I mean. If I am exercising, the thing that gets me through is thinking about new things to cook! Bad isnt it?  Having two young babes means I dont get into the kitchen as often as I would like but that will change as time goes on. For now I can only dream of cooking in a kitchen like this some day!

Amy x

Favorite pinners of the now

Soooo a little something different today. I love Pinterest, I really do but gaaahhh there are just so many social media options available these days that its hard to keep up with them all. When I do find the time to pin, I often find myself pinning from the same people. So, today I am going to share with you images from 2 current favorite pinners.

First up Sophi Deinum. Sophi is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam who pins gorgeous images of crisp, clean, white and light interiors.

Via Sophis Pinterest boards
The second of my current favorite pinners is the lovely Rachael from New Zealands Made from Scratch. Anything stylish and desirable on Pinterest and Rachael is sure to be pinning it. Everything from fashion to food to interior images that will make you swoon and not to mention green with envy.

via Rachaels Pinterest boards
Do you have a favorite pinner or do you think I should check out your Pinterest page. Drop me a line with the details. I would love to have a look.

Amy x

House Tour

Ahh its that time again. Time to make you all drool with another incredible house tour. This family friendly house is situated in Amsterdam and can actually be rented out should you ever visit that part of the world.

How rad would a swing be in your home, although as a parent I am not sure that I would love it! Visit Jamie Kay to pick up Gran Cushions to replicate this look as seen above. Visit The Ivy House to find similar rugs to the one seen here in this living room. Visit Freedom Furniture to pick up an awesome industrial floor lamp. I will be soon that is for sure!

Pot up your favorite herbs and sit them somewhere handy to your cooking spot. This way they are always on hand and nothing beats fresh herbs. Check out Father Rabbit for a selection of gorgeous chopping boards.

Visit Zuca to pick up a replica Eames rocking chair. Contact Lauren at Needle and I to see her range of very cool Cloud cushions.

Check out Jamie Kay to pick up awesome Bloomingville lights similar to the one above this bed. Love the subtle touches of blue going on throughout this bedroom.

We are having the issue at the moment of what sort of desk to buy for our office. Actually after seeing images like this, I am wondering if wooden shelving attached to the wall would be just a cool?

Photography by Souraya Hassan of Binti Home with thanks!
Amazing amazing playroom. Check out So Vintage for storage boxes like above and Paper Plane Store for black and white striped cushions. Check out Tea Pea to pick up your washi tape, get your DIY on and create an indoor hopscotch for the kids. (Or adults) And lastly see Mocka for similar wooden highchairs.

Phew, what a fun house!

Amy x


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post an image last night from an exciting new fair trade homeware brand, Tassel. 

Tassel pride themselves on ethically made quality products. Each and every single piece is made using the finest organic Javanese cotton. Tassel founder Claire Piper aims to build a brand for people who value design and conscious living. 

Living between Bali and New Zealand gives Claire the opportunity to work closely along side of those working behind the scenes. Claire assures her customers the highest quality whilst being economically and financially conscious. 

It worries my bank account but I actually want the blue and white stripe, the sea green stripe and the natural. Can I do that? 

Visit Tassel here.

Amy x

Shopkeeper interview - Krista of Paper Plane

We have definitely got a goodie for you this morning on the blog. And we are lucky to have two shopkeeper interviews in the one week. (Mainly me playing catch up)

Today I am stoked to have lovely Krista from Paper Plane Store as part of our Milo and Mizty shopkeeper interview. A lday with great taste (I want EVERYTHING in store) and a lady who should feel proud as she watches her business go from strength to strength. Thanks so much Krista.

Name: Krista Plews

What do you do for a Living?

I own Paper Plane, a design store in Mount Maunganui (and online) as well as run Timothy John design, a furniture design brand, alongside my husband, Timothy John. We are all about designing and curating high quality products with a clear function and point of difference at an accessible price point. 

How does a normal day fold out for you?

We live a block from the sea so I like to start the day with a little beachside yoga before heading into Paper Plane. Most days involve general business management,  product sourcing and development, chocolate eating, chats with local business owners and customers, PR and marketing etc. After work we go back down to the beach to play volleyball or go for a surf, then head home to hang out with Zephyr, our exceptionally engaging cat.

Who inspires you? 

We’ve just moved to Mount Maunganui and have come to know a great number of young local creatives. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the likes of Chaos & Harmony, You Know We Ain’t Ltd, New Zealand Design Blog and Y.S. Collective, to name a few, who are all brilliant designers, driven entrepreneurs and incredibly nice people. All in all, I am really inspired by people who do what they love and do it well. 

What websites / blogs could we find you reading?

I love Instagram. Call me nosey, but taking a peek into someone’s world (e.g. Lorde eating nori) is pretty cool. In NZ, I visit NewZealand Design Blog, The Design Chaser and of course, Milo & Mitzy, on a daily basis. Internationally, I enjoy perusing Yatzer, Dezeen and Fjeldborg.
What is your interior style?

Minimalism with a twist. Timothy and I dream of finding a NYC style loft or a beautiful old villa that we can put our own spin on. I am incompatible with clutter and items that serve no purpose but like to invest in the things I interact with every day. I’m a big fan of beautiful basics.

We recently decided to start collecting art; one great piece per year to mark our anniversaries. We’ve just bought the original ‘Cyril’ birdby Margaret Petchell. He’s big and beautiful! 

Image chosen by Krista via
What is your fashion style?

Effortless. I love quality fabrics, timeless design and all things striped. I love cooler weather for layering and have a pretty decent collection of brogues.

A few favorites are Kowtow for their bold designs and admirable ethics (heads up: their Summer ’14 collection is amazing), Bassike for that ‘lounging around in your PJs at work’ feeling and Karen Walker for her diversity and ability to make anything trendy.

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now?

So many things! Topping of the list are the Boskke SkyPlanters, Tivoli Bluetooth radio, Nova grey blanket and a couple Sidekick Sidetables (can you believe we don’t have one at home?!)

What I’m really excited for is the duck egg blue enamelware, Petite Kitchen cookbook and watches by The Horse which are all coming soon.

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

Oooh! Are you inquiring on behalf of Santa? I’d like a Tom Dixon Paddle chopping board from Simon James Concept Store, the Liason sofa by Nonn, and an Avocado Aluminium bowl from Douglas as Bec. I’d also really like a fawn French bulldog because I’ve been extra good this year ;-) 

What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

I’m from Vancouver, Canada so nothing beats visiting family and friends amongst the majestic Rocky Mountains where watching ice hockey (aka fighting on ice), dodging bears and eating fresh salmon, who were also trying to dodge bears, are the norm.

We also dream of going to New York City. Why? It’s New York City. 

Interior image chosen by Krista via
What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

Share plates with fresh ingredients packed with layers of flavor. Al Brown’s Depot Eatery in Auckland is at a favorite where I’m more than willing to wait an hour on a Monday at 8pm for a table.

At home, I try to keep it clean and green, with little sugar or grains. I make a delicious protein rich Paleo bread that makes a great base of all sort of delicious toppings.

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?

We have lots of ideas! Two things that are especially exciting for us are the ongoing development of our exclusive product range, designed by Timothy John, and collaborating with other creatives on products and projects. Stay tuned. 

Thanks so much for joining us today Krista.

Happy weekend.

Amy x

The Blogger Shares - Charlotte Minty of Charlotte Minty Interior Design

I am thrilled to have Charlotte of the Awesome Charlotte Minty Interior Design on board today for our Milo and Mitzy Blogger Shares series. Thanks so much Charlotte.

Photo by Petra Bindel

I saw this living room from a Swedish apartment last year and the 'C' print on the wall just spoke to me - it's my name, it's a great font, it has a grey background (I love grey), it's simple, it's bold and it would fit in any kind of interiors, like my present day home as well as future ones. I am a rather particular person so when I see something I love, it's just meant to be. I am actually half way on completing this wish - I recently saw on The Design Chaser that this desired Playtype Foundry print was available at PopMotif. There was no questioning or thinking - I just bought it. Now I need to get it framed, I like the simple oak frame as seen in this photo as the warm timber would contrasts well with the grey and black - I am not sure when this will get done! 

Another great use of the Playtype C print. Photo by Lotta Agaton

Being an interior designer, the one blog that I regularly read is Remodelista  and their off-shoot, Gardenista. Created by several friends, Remodelista has regular postings throughout the day and their design sensibilites are the same as mine. They believe in the high and low mix in their interiors, they choose thoughtfully designed products, they have themselves renovated their own homes and share their experiences and in general are rather design savvy. I recommend checking them out!

Gallery Kitchen via Remodelista
Thanks so much for joining us Charlotte. To pop over to Charlotte Minty Interior Design to pay Charlotte a visit and to check out all of her inspiring interior images and ideas.

Amy x

Shopkeeper Interview - Rebecca of Father Rabbit

I am thrilled to introduce you this morning to Rebecca of Father Rabbit. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us Rebecca.

Name: Rebecca Paul

What do you do for a living?

I am the retail manager for Father Rabbit. 

How does a normal day fold out for you?

I like to get into work early and get prepared for the day ahead before launching into the many tasks that day may bring - working with our lovely customers, creating new displays and learning the ropes. I've just started with the company and each day brings something new which is exciting.

Who inspires you?

I have so many friends who are having amazing success in their chosen field and creating things that you want to be apart of. It's really inspiring to see them reaching their goals from our little corner of the world.

What websites/blogs could we find you reading?

Father Rabbit of course. Bluebird - love the weekly bread recipes and the Sunday cake. Perfect for afternoon baking! Cuyana - has an amazing range of things for you and your home plus great inspiration for a way of living

Images thanks to The Design Chaser
What is your interior style?

I think it should always start with a neutral backdrop and build from there with things that are either practical or that you find beautiful. I mix the old with the new and believe that an amazing kitchen is a non-negotialbe. I spend a lot of time in there! After travelling for several years we are starting to buy things that will be with us for many years so quality is essential.

What is your fashion style?

Very similar to how I like my home! I wear a lot of neutrals (mainly black) with a bit of Navy, Brass and Olive Green. I love classic pieces that you can mix and match and wear all the time. My new years resolution was to refine this style and let go of pieces that I just don't wear. I'm in the middle and it's tough but worth it!

Father Rabbit

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now.

We have just released our Father Rabbit Bed Frame for sale which was shot earlier this week. I love every item from the shoot - In Bed Linen, Caroline Hurley throw and Telegram Lamp. Also the Duralex Gigogne Glass - perfect for everyday and Friday wines!

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

Wow - besides everything for my home I would love some new pieces from Swedish brand COS. I love their clean, simple aesthetic with quality pieces at affordable prices.

I also have my eye on the new Joshu+Vela Brass Canvas Tote in store.

What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

Berlin - my husband and I went there in the winter a few years ago. It is an amazing city filled with history, great bars and restaurants and I just fell in love with it. Not your usual destination but a place that has really stuck with me! Its location in Europe makes it perfect for a bit of country hopping too.

Image via and tote from Father Rabbit
What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

At the moment I am obsessed with home baked bread topped with avocado, tomato and basil pesto. Simple, fresh and delicious!
Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?
There are some exciting things happening at Father Rabbit and I can't wait to see what the next few years bring if this year is anything to go by.

At home we are starting to renovate our house and I would love to have it completed in 5 years!

Nice to have you hear to visit us Rebecca. Thanks so much.

Amy x

House Tour

We are back after a trip away to Waiheke Island for a good friends wedding. And yes we survived the cyclone.. and it didnt affect the wedding which was the most important thing. The bride, my very good friend, was 25 weeks pregnant and looked amazing.

So I feel like I have been letting my readers down somewhat with a house move and then taking off for a week. Well my goal for the next few days in between babies sleeping and other work projects is to get Milo and Mitzy back on track. I wanted to kick off our week with a house tour from the ever awesome Homelife... they always get it right!

Owners Tom and Elise Elliott really do know how to make a statement in their refurbished modern inner city apartment. Polished concrete floors with wooden fixtures and industrial accents make their open living space feel sophisticated yet easy to live in and finely balanced.

The large scale art works used throughout the home add interest and create a more of a wow factor than smaller pieces of art would.  The mural in Avas room was a clever buy from Anthropology.

I am a massive fan of the open and inviting work space which still incorporates the dark polished floor boards. Source similar lamps from Douglas and Bec and seek out Trestle tables from the likes of Trestle Union, Company and Mocka.

Pop me in that bath any day with a good book and I will be one happy lady.  

Keep an eye out on the blog as we pick up the pace this week with a shopkeeper interview a blogger shares feature and any other delicious things that I feel are worth sharing. Also drop me a line if you have anything you would like to share with me or any questions. I love hearing from you all. And pop over to our Facebook page which I update regularly with inspiring images and our instagram page where I share pics of my own life and the odd image of my own home. 

Amy x

Photography by Derek Swalwell, Images with thanks via Homelife


I have been dying over the work of Bayley Collins of birdinabunnysuit as of late. A playful take on animal prints which are very hot to trot right now.

Bayley shares below a a bit of insight of what inspires her currently and how her business birdinabunnysuit eventuated.

I draw my inspiration from animals especially my two cats Ziggy & Zues. I think animals can have the most amazing personalities and I try and make those personalities show through my work.

I have been reading a lot of beautiful children's books lately because a have a 6 month old boy - my favourite is The Forest by Marc Martin. I don't have a lot of time at the moment to read other books but I never miss an issue of Frankie Magazine.

Image thanks to Father Rabbit
My favourite blogs to read at the moment are Hello Sandwich, Not Cot & Fancy New Zealands Design Blog.  These are all great for a little dose of everyday design.

I started birdinabunnysuit kind of by mistake by just mucking around one day. I made a little collage of a rabbit with an owls face. My Husband asked me what it was and I replied "it's a bird in a bunny suit" from there I started making more and more prints and was shocked that people actually wanted to buy them. It really is my dream job!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Bayley.

Amy x

Petra Bindel

Phew, its has been a big couple of weeks but finally we are all shifted into our new house and loving it. Our dear wee Patch got sick right in the middle of it all so its fair to say the unpacking side of things is going slowly, but always fun to set up a new home. I look forward to sharing images with you on Milo and Mitzys instagram.    
(Seach Amytennentmiloandmitzy)

To kick off the week I would normally share a house tour with you but today I wanted to share the gorgeous work of the talented photographer Petra Bindel.

How cool is that rug in the 5th picture. I like!!! Happy Monday morning. I promise I will up the anti of the blog over the next week.

Amy x

Images via Petra Bindel with thanks

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...