I have been dying over the work of Bayley Collins of birdinabunnysuit as of late. A playful take on animal prints which are very hot to trot right now.

Bayley shares below a a bit of insight of what inspires her currently and how her business birdinabunnysuit eventuated.

I draw my inspiration from animals especially my two cats Ziggy & Zues. I think animals can have the most amazing personalities and I try and make those personalities show through my work.

I have been reading a lot of beautiful children's books lately because a have a 6 month old boy - my favourite is The Forest by Marc Martin. I don't have a lot of time at the moment to read other books but I never miss an issue of Frankie Magazine.

Image thanks to Father Rabbit
My favourite blogs to read at the moment are Hello Sandwich, Not Cot & Fancy New Zealands Design Blog.  These are all great for a little dose of everyday design.

I started birdinabunnysuit kind of by mistake by just mucking around one day. I made a little collage of a rabbit with an owls face. My Husband asked me what it was and I replied "it's a bird in a bunny suit" from there I started making more and more prints and was shocked that people actually wanted to buy them. It really is my dream job!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Bayley.

Amy x

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