Favorite pinners of the now

Soooo a little something different today. I love Pinterest, I really do but gaaahhh there are just so many social media options available these days that its hard to keep up with them all. When I do find the time to pin, I often find myself pinning from the same people. So, today I am going to share with you images from 2 current favorite pinners.

First up Sophi Deinum. Sophi is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam who pins gorgeous images of crisp, clean, white and light interiors.

Via Sophis Pinterest boards
The second of my current favorite pinners is the lovely Rachael from New Zealands Made from Scratch. Anything stylish and desirable on Pinterest and Rachael is sure to be pinning it. Everything from fashion to food to interior images that will make you swoon and not to mention green with envy.

via Rachaels Pinterest boards
Do you have a favorite pinner or do you think I should check out your Pinterest page. Drop me a line with the details. I would love to have a look.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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