House Tour

Ahh its that time again. Time to make you all drool with another incredible house tour. This family friendly house is situated in Amsterdam and can actually be rented out should you ever visit that part of the world.

How rad would a swing be in your home, although as a parent I am not sure that I would love it! Visit Jamie Kay to pick up Gran Cushions to replicate this look as seen above. Visit The Ivy House to find similar rugs to the one seen here in this living room. Visit Freedom Furniture to pick up an awesome industrial floor lamp. I will be soon that is for sure!

Pot up your favorite herbs and sit them somewhere handy to your cooking spot. This way they are always on hand and nothing beats fresh herbs. Check out Father Rabbit for a selection of gorgeous chopping boards.

Visit Zuca to pick up a replica Eames rocking chair. Contact Lauren at Needle and I to see her range of very cool Cloud cushions.

Check out Jamie Kay to pick up awesome Bloomingville lights similar to the one above this bed. Love the subtle touches of blue going on throughout this bedroom.

We are having the issue at the moment of what sort of desk to buy for our office. Actually after seeing images like this, I am wondering if wooden shelving attached to the wall would be just a cool?

Photography by Souraya Hassan of Binti Home with thanks!
Amazing amazing playroom. Check out So Vintage for storage boxes like above and Paper Plane Store for black and white striped cushions. Check out Tea Pea to pick up your washi tape, get your DIY on and create an indoor hopscotch for the kids. (Or adults) And lastly see Mocka for similar wooden highchairs.

Phew, what a fun house!

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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