The Blogger Shares - Charlotte Minty of Charlotte Minty Interior Design

I am thrilled to have Charlotte of the Awesome Charlotte Minty Interior Design on board today for our Milo and Mitzy Blogger Shares series. Thanks so much Charlotte.

Photo by Petra Bindel

I saw this living room from a Swedish apartment last year and the 'C' print on the wall just spoke to me - it's my name, it's a great font, it has a grey background (I love grey), it's simple, it's bold and it would fit in any kind of interiors, like my present day home as well as future ones. I am a rather particular person so when I see something I love, it's just meant to be. I am actually half way on completing this wish - I recently saw on The Design Chaser that this desired Playtype Foundry print was available at PopMotif. There was no questioning or thinking - I just bought it. Now I need to get it framed, I like the simple oak frame as seen in this photo as the warm timber would contrasts well with the grey and black - I am not sure when this will get done! 

Another great use of the Playtype C print. Photo by Lotta Agaton

Being an interior designer, the one blog that I regularly read is Remodelista  and their off-shoot, Gardenista. Created by several friends, Remodelista has regular postings throughout the day and their design sensibilites are the same as mine. They believe in the high and low mix in their interiors, they choose thoughtfully designed products, they have themselves renovated their own homes and share their experiences and in general are rather design savvy. I recommend checking them out!

Gallery Kitchen via Remodelista
Thanks so much for joining us Charlotte. To pop over to Charlotte Minty Interior Design to pay Charlotte a visit and to check out all of her inspiring interior images and ideas.

Amy x

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