Shopkeeper interview - Krista of Paper Plane

We have definitely got a goodie for you this morning on the blog. And we are lucky to have two shopkeeper interviews in the one week. (Mainly me playing catch up)

Today I am stoked to have lovely Krista from Paper Plane Store as part of our Milo and Mizty shopkeeper interview. A lday with great taste (I want EVERYTHING in store) and a lady who should feel proud as she watches her business go from strength to strength. Thanks so much Krista.

Name: Krista Plews

What do you do for a Living?

I own Paper Plane, a design store in Mount Maunganui (and online) as well as run Timothy John design, a furniture design brand, alongside my husband, Timothy John. We are all about designing and curating high quality products with a clear function and point of difference at an accessible price point. 

How does a normal day fold out for you?

We live a block from the sea so I like to start the day with a little beachside yoga before heading into Paper Plane. Most days involve general business management,  product sourcing and development, chocolate eating, chats with local business owners and customers, PR and marketing etc. After work we go back down to the beach to play volleyball or go for a surf, then head home to hang out with Zephyr, our exceptionally engaging cat.

Who inspires you? 

We’ve just moved to Mount Maunganui and have come to know a great number of young local creatives. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the likes of Chaos & Harmony, You Know We Ain’t Ltd, New Zealand Design Blog and Y.S. Collective, to name a few, who are all brilliant designers, driven entrepreneurs and incredibly nice people. All in all, I am really inspired by people who do what they love and do it well. 

What websites / blogs could we find you reading?

I love Instagram. Call me nosey, but taking a peek into someone’s world (e.g. Lorde eating nori) is pretty cool. In NZ, I visit NewZealand Design Blog, The Design Chaser and of course, Milo & Mitzy, on a daily basis. Internationally, I enjoy perusing Yatzer, Dezeen and Fjeldborg.
What is your interior style?

Minimalism with a twist. Timothy and I dream of finding a NYC style loft or a beautiful old villa that we can put our own spin on. I am incompatible with clutter and items that serve no purpose but like to invest in the things I interact with every day. I’m a big fan of beautiful basics.

We recently decided to start collecting art; one great piece per year to mark our anniversaries. We’ve just bought the original ‘Cyril’ birdby Margaret Petchell. He’s big and beautiful! 

Image chosen by Krista via
What is your fashion style?

Effortless. I love quality fabrics, timeless design and all things striped. I love cooler weather for layering and have a pretty decent collection of brogues.

A few favorites are Kowtow for their bold designs and admirable ethics (heads up: their Summer ’14 collection is amazing), Bassike for that ‘lounging around in your PJs at work’ feeling and Karen Walker for her diversity and ability to make anything trendy.

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now?

So many things! Topping of the list are the Boskke SkyPlanters, Tivoli Bluetooth radio, Nova grey blanket and a couple Sidekick Sidetables (can you believe we don’t have one at home?!)

What I’m really excited for is the duck egg blue enamelware, Petite Kitchen cookbook and watches by The Horse which are all coming soon.

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

Oooh! Are you inquiring on behalf of Santa? I’d like a Tom Dixon Paddle chopping board from Simon James Concept Store, the Liason sofa by Nonn, and an Avocado Aluminium bowl from Douglas as Bec. I’d also really like a fawn French bulldog because I’ve been extra good this year ;-) 

What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

I’m from Vancouver, Canada so nothing beats visiting family and friends amongst the majestic Rocky Mountains where watching ice hockey (aka fighting on ice), dodging bears and eating fresh salmon, who were also trying to dodge bears, are the norm.

We also dream of going to New York City. Why? It’s New York City. 

Interior image chosen by Krista via
What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

Share plates with fresh ingredients packed with layers of flavor. Al Brown’s Depot Eatery in Auckland is at a favorite where I’m more than willing to wait an hour on a Monday at 8pm for a table.

At home, I try to keep it clean and green, with little sugar or grains. I make a delicious protein rich Paleo bread that makes a great base of all sort of delicious toppings.

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?

We have lots of ideas! Two things that are especially exciting for us are the ongoing development of our exclusive product range, designed by Timothy John, and collaborating with other creatives on products and projects. Stay tuned. 

Thanks so much for joining us today Krista.

Happy weekend.

Amy x

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