Early Settler Outdoor Fire

You know those weekends where you just stay home, do jobs, spend time with the family, fit some excercise in and a couple of wines? Yes well that was us this weekend and it felt so good. Great not having to rush off anywhere, great to get some much needed jobs done around home.

We also got to light up our new outdoor fire from Early Settler and we absolutly love it. It was so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the warmth. The beauty of it is that it sits on wheels so wheeling it around our deck is a breeze. We have quite a large deck area so depending on where we are sitting we can move the fire with us.

My husband has actually staked his claim on this one. This has become "his" thing. I caught him out their wiping it down with a dust cloth the other day.  Its very easy to light and looks perfect next to our black house. There are also other colour options and other designs. They also stock small fire pits if you are after something like that. You would be amazed at the incredible things that Early Settler have in store at present. There is so much that I have my eye on. Each piece has a point of difference which is what I love about this store. Not everything is online so do pop in to your nearest stockist or give them a call.

Amy x

Oyster Inn - Wild Wagon Co - Ariele Mermin

The middle of the week already! Time flies. I just wanted to let you know that over on Milo and Mitzys instagram stories I am giving away a NutriBullet to one lucky person. The giveaway is just running for today. Short and sharp so get in quickly.

I am very proud of my country and where I come from as silly as that sounds. One thing that has come out of creating a blog that is now recognised internationally is that I get to give back a little and showcase all that New Zealand has to offer. Not only to those over seas but it also great to show New Zealanders what other New Zealanders are doing. Soemthing that I have wanted to do for quite some time now is to feature beautiful boutique accommodation that New Zealand has to offer. Boutique accommodation is something that we do quite well. It is a passion of mine and one day I hope to own my own place that others can come and enjoy for a night or two. For now however, I want to research and check out and bring to you the best on offer here in New Zealand, so if you own a beautiful bach that you rent out, a gorgoeus hotel or any other form of boutique accommodation or know of an amazing place, please do flick me an email. I would love very much to hear from you.

Today I am starting at the top. One that is known to many and simply cracking it in terms of beautiful luxuary places to stay. Waiheke Islands The Oyster Inn. In the heart of Oneroa, Waiheke Island, The Oyster Inn describes themselves as a seafood restaurant, bar, events, takeaway shop and luxuary accommodation rolled all into one. My kind of spot. Why would you want to leave?

I have just discovered New Zealand stationary design studio Wild Wagon Co run by Cristina Viscu together with her husband Eugen.  There are so many gorgeous prints that I could have shown you, along with cards, gift tags and even the sweetest ceramics. Pop over here for a look.

Oh Areille Mermin you melt my heart and always have! If I could deck my whole summer wardrobe out in your gears I would. The most beautiful quality in the prettiest of boho designs.

Amy x

Nodi - Yoli & Otis - Hapers Project

Happy day back after a long weekend here in New Zealand. Lots of people out and about holidaying by the sounds of things. I missed the whole of last week blogging. Sorry about that. I try to post three times a week. Some weeks, it just doesnt happen.

You all know that I am a massive fan of rugs in homes and in particular the work of New Zealand rug designer, Olivia Smith of Nodi. These images styled by Olivia herself and photographed by the talented Rach of Swift & Click just make my heart sing. These amazing knotted rugs are from Nodi's staple collection.

I have followed Yoli and Otis on instagram for quite some time now. Byron Bay based Lena Catterick is the gorgeous woman behind the brand long with her delicious wee family, husband Carlo and children Yoli and Otis. Super biased as Lena grew up in New Zealand this business sure is kicking ass recently opening a beautiful showroom in Byron Bay.

And lastly, family owned and operated business Harpers Project is full of beautiful pieces inspired by scandinavian design and timeless marble pieces. So many things to love.

Amy x

A day out in Hawkes Bay

Something a little bit different for you today. (you know I get nervous sharing my own images on here!) If you have followed me for sometime, you will know that I am Hawkes Bay born and proud! Although I now live rural southern Hawkes Bay, my favourite thing to do is have a day out in the Hawkes Bay sunshine. Yesterday, Frankie, Patchy and I had a morning out before we headed off to a birthday party. We stopped off and visited a few of our (my) most loved places as well as a new fave.

First up we called into Parlour Projects art gallery and caught up with director/owner Sophie Wallace. We checked out Sophies current exhibition, Omarunui by Jono Rotman which was fascinating as this exhibion reflected on historic Hawkes Bay events.

We then popped through next door to my go to eatery, Opera Kicthen for a quick bite to eat. Yes those are my wee monkeys sitting eating their lunch. The carrot cake is always a hit!

We then stopped off to meet Annabelle who has just opened a gorgeous luxe bohemian homewares store in Havelock North, Plowman Collective. And of my goodness, did I absolutly LOVE everything that Annabelle stocked. Beautiful, unqiue things with a point of differences and of incredible quality. You will be seeing great things from this brand, I am sure.

A quick walk in the sunshine before heading to a birthday party and then home as I was suffering from over indulging in champange the night before with friends!

Oh, and Frankies little outfit is from Cottontail, a brand that we so love.

Amy x

P.S. Sorry about the quality of these images. I need to sort my editing tools out. Somebody teach me PLEASE!

The Desert Collective X Bamboo Carpet Beater X Sage & Clare

What makes a good blog? What makes you click on a blog? Are blogs being taken over by social media? I would say yes, however, I think that if a blog is worth visiting, people still make an effort to visit frequently. A bit more of an effort than the likes of facebook, instagram and snapchat, but like I said, if the blog is any good then people will make the effort all the same.  I have been asked a few times recently about New Zealand blogs. There are several that I click on regularly. These design blogs are the design blogs here in New Zealand that do it well. These being, Fancy, Studio Home and The Design Chaser. These guys do such a good job. In saying that there are some amazing Mum blogs that I also visit, along with some incredible instagram feeds based here in New Zealand. Perhaps I will share that list another time. So why I am writing this, I work my butt off to maintain a name on our countries blog scene and if these is anything that you would like to see more of on Milo and Mitzy and any suggestions that you may have, please do flick me an email.

We have been chatting about taking a family holiday next year. I want to combine it with a bit of a work trip also. I am thinking Bali but very open minded about the location. I want to visit and photograph beautfiul places that I see so much of online. So whilst I am sitting here holiday dreaming I thought that it was only fitting I shared The Desert Collective with you, boutique accommodation based around various locations in Palm Springs.

How cool is this bamboo carpet beater from Freedom Furniture for onlye $14.95. I am going to get one next time I vist and hang it on my wall.

I have had my eye on this gorgeous label Sage & Clare for some time now. That floral pillow would go perfectly in Frankies room and what makes it even better is that there are selected peieces on sale at Tea Pea.

Amy x

Ark Shelter x Noah & Bowie

My husband and I have been discussing how we can add another guest bedroom to our property without going into full on house extensions at this point in time. We have found a little sleep out for sale just down the road. It has the most incredible native timber floors. It does need a bit of work however. I am not sure what our most cost and time effective solution would be. If anyone has any ideas on adding an extra sleeping area, I would love to hear.

So as you can imagine I have frantically been pinning sleep outs, cabins and guest bedrooms. I spotted this amazing cabin by Ark Shelter designed by international achitectual entreprenuers. These shelters have been created with the ability to be placed anywhere in the world in any environment. Ark Shelter found thanks to Est Magazine.

And lastly this evening, (yup, shes a quick post as I have got to hit the hay before I head back to school tomorrow) I am so digging these new certified organic cotton blankets from Noah & Bowie. That detailing is imperciable and those tassels! Too good! Images by Tarryn Donaldson.

Amy x

Pollen Workshop x Natty x Cloverdel Farmhouse

Hasnt the weather been a hundreds times better this week. It is fair to say I have been in such a better mood. Last week got the better of me. School holidays, a sick kid, stuck inside, washing coming out my ears.... you get my jist? So on that note, my garden is receiving a good spring tidy up and I am relishing getting amongst it.

I have mentioned before that we are on the hunt for a landscape designer to give us a bit of advice on a few things. We are looking for someone in our area, however, today I wanted to show you the work by talented designer William Murphy of Pollen Workshop who is based in the immediate Hawkes Bay area, an hour north of me. I am a fan of his no fuss, easy care landscapes. Great entertaining areas for long lazy summer lunches.

Next up, I wanted to show you these hand screenprinted linen wares by New Zealand designers Cat McKay and Fiona Gibb of Natty. Arent they rad?

And lastly, stunning farmhouse accommodation in Cloverdel, Victoria renovated by owner, interior designer, Annabel Buxton. Styled by Sharyn Cairns and photographed by Tess Newman-Morris as found thanks to Homelife.

I can see a trend happening here, I keep posting images of gorgeous botique accommodation. I think I need a holiday! In my dreams. Happy days.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...