Pollen Workshop x Natty x Cloverdel Farmhouse

Hasnt the weather been a hundreds times better this week. It is fair to say I have been in such a better mood. Last week got the better of me. School holidays, a sick kid, stuck inside, washing coming out my ears.... you get my jist? So on that note, my garden is receiving a good spring tidy up and I am relishing getting amongst it.

I have mentioned before that we are on the hunt for a landscape designer to give us a bit of advice on a few things. We are looking for someone in our area, however, today I wanted to show you the work by talented designer William Murphy of Pollen Workshop who is based in the immediate Hawkes Bay area, an hour north of me. I am a fan of his no fuss, easy care landscapes. Great entertaining areas for long lazy summer lunches.

Next up, I wanted to show you these hand screenprinted linen wares by New Zealand designers Cat McKay and Fiona Gibb of Natty. Arent they rad?

And lastly, stunning farmhouse accommodation in Cloverdel, Victoria renovated by owner, interior designer, Annabel Buxton. Styled by Sharyn Cairns and photographed by Tess Newman-Morris as found thanks to Homelife.

I can see a trend happening here, I keep posting images of gorgeous botique accommodation. I think I need a holiday! In my dreams. Happy days.

Amy x

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