Ark Shelter x Noah & Bowie

My husband and I have been discussing how we can add another guest bedroom to our property without going into full on house extensions at this point in time. We have found a little sleep out for sale just down the road. It has the most incredible native timber floors. It does need a bit of work however. I am not sure what our most cost and time effective solution would be. If anyone has any ideas on adding an extra sleeping area, I would love to hear.

So as you can imagine I have frantically been pinning sleep outs, cabins and guest bedrooms. I spotted this amazing cabin by Ark Shelter designed by international achitectual entreprenuers. These shelters have been created with the ability to be placed anywhere in the world in any environment. Ark Shelter found thanks to Est Magazine.

And lastly this evening, (yup, shes a quick post as I have got to hit the hay before I head back to school tomorrow) I am so digging these new certified organic cotton blankets from Noah & Bowie. That detailing is imperciable and those tassels! Too good! Images by Tarryn Donaldson.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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