The Desert Collective X Bamboo Carpet Beater X Sage & Clare

What makes a good blog? What makes you click on a blog? Are blogs being taken over by social media? I would say yes, however, I think that if a blog is worth visiting, people still make an effort to visit frequently. A bit more of an effort than the likes of facebook, instagram and snapchat, but like I said, if the blog is any good then people will make the effort all the same.  I have been asked a few times recently about New Zealand blogs. There are several that I click on regularly. These design blogs are the design blogs here in New Zealand that do it well. These being, Fancy, Studio Home and The Design Chaser. These guys do such a good job. In saying that there are some amazing Mum blogs that I also visit, along with some incredible instagram feeds based here in New Zealand. Perhaps I will share that list another time. So why I am writing this, I work my butt off to maintain a name on our countries blog scene and if these is anything that you would like to see more of on Milo and Mitzy and any suggestions that you may have, please do flick me an email.

We have been chatting about taking a family holiday next year. I want to combine it with a bit of a work trip also. I am thinking Bali but very open minded about the location. I want to visit and photograph beautfiul places that I see so much of online. So whilst I am sitting here holiday dreaming I thought that it was only fitting I shared The Desert Collective with you, boutique accommodation based around various locations in Palm Springs.

How cool is this bamboo carpet beater from Freedom Furniture for onlye $14.95. I am going to get one next time I vist and hang it on my wall.

I have had my eye on this gorgeous label Sage & Clare for some time now. That floral pillow would go perfectly in Frankies room and what makes it even better is that there are selected peieces on sale at Tea Pea.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...