A day out in Hawkes Bay

Something a little bit different for you today. (you know I get nervous sharing my own images on here!) If you have followed me for sometime, you will know that I am Hawkes Bay born and proud! Although I now live rural southern Hawkes Bay, my favourite thing to do is have a day out in the Hawkes Bay sunshine. Yesterday, Frankie, Patchy and I had a morning out before we headed off to a birthday party. We stopped off and visited a few of our (my) most loved places as well as a new fave.

First up we called into Parlour Projects art gallery and caught up with director/owner Sophie Wallace. We checked out Sophies current exhibition, Omarunui by Jono Rotman which was fascinating as this exhibion reflected on historic Hawkes Bay events.

We then popped through next door to my go to eatery, Opera Kicthen for a quick bite to eat. Yes those are my wee monkeys sitting eating their lunch. The carrot cake is always a hit!

We then stopped off to meet Annabelle who has just opened a gorgeous luxe bohemian homewares store in Havelock North, Plowman Collective. And of my goodness, did I absolutly LOVE everything that Annabelle stocked. Beautiful, unqiue things with a point of differences and of incredible quality. You will be seeing great things from this brand, I am sure.

A quick walk in the sunshine before heading to a birthday party and then home as I was suffering from over indulging in champange the night before with friends!

Oh, and Frankies little outfit is from Cottontail, a brand that we so love.

Amy x

P.S. Sorry about the quality of these images. I need to sort my editing tools out. Somebody teach me PLEASE!

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