Burrow & Be X Outdoor Living X Ottoloom

Im kicking off todays blog with a few of my favourite pieces by talented designer Catherine of Burrow & Be.

I mentioned in yesterdays posts that it feels much more like Winter here in our neck of the woods rather than Spring. That hasnt stopped me dreaming of long balmy evenings, however.

We have an amazing deck with an incredible view. We also have a gorgeous new outdoor fire coming in the next couple of weeks which I will show you at the time. I am now planning and working on our landscape. I am what you would call a very novice gardener. I love gardens, in saying that, the weeds tend to love them too. And me, well I am not so great at keeping on top of the weeds. Yes I have actually googled - how to keep your garden organised! Any tips would be greatly recieved. You guys are always a great help. And if you know of a great landscape designers in my area, send them my way. I think it might worth it for us as we are extending our lawn and parking area, planting an orchard and putting a guest room in at the bottom of our garden. Lots to be done over the next year or so.

So yes, I have been madly pinning outdoor and garden images. Above a few of my favourites. Images via 1, 2.

And speaking of sunny days, Ottoloom, a brand that I have loved since the beginning have lots of exciting new things happening and some gorgeous new products in store. Their Japanese range is on wishlist for this summer. Above is their new Brera line which will be online as of next week. Such good quality. Perfect Christmas or wedding gifts.

And lastly, I am just going to put this out there. I have a desire to put my design hat on again. An urge that I often get. Actually, an urge that has never gone away since as long as I can rememember. I am on the hunt for a new project. To collaborate with an amazing brand that fits well with Milo and Mitzys aethetic. My last design project was a 100% pure wool blanket for Forestry Home which sold out world wide within weeks and was named by New Zealand Design Blog as 2014's blanket of the year. (A made up award by Alana, but we will take it!)

So if you have any ideas to put to me whether it be fashion, homewares, furniture, kids clothing or products or whatever please do drop me an email, my mind it going nuts with designs. Id love to get a project underway again. miloandmitzy@gmail.com

Amy x

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