Monday Mix Up

Happy Monday to you all. I'm feeling a bit stuck in a winter rutt at the moment. I need to up my fitness game as I have let it slip over the past 3 weeks. When I am fit, I feel at my best, simple. I'm trying to get myself all organised today for a smooth sailing week. House work, school work, blog work. Anywho, enough about me, that's not what my blog is all about. Its a design and lifestyle blog and I shall try and do my best to deliver the goods.

I have followed H2 Design + Build on Facebook for sometime now and love what they do. Exactly my kind of style. A bit of country, mixed with moden and an industrial touch added in for good measures. Below is some of their work, see more here.

I am loving these Bloomingville ceramics from Moi on George. The rustic uneven finish adds appeal and charm. Just what I am looking for in a dinner set.

Our diet has changed quite somewhat over the past 6 months not that we were hugely unhealthy eaters. Actually its changed without us really noticing. I have a bag of sugar sitting in my cupboard that hasn't been touched in forever, a packet of biscuits that have gone stale (need to sort my pantry out!) Don't get me wrong, we are not crazy  raw obsessed type people but we are trying to make better choices. Mind you we do still eat the odd unhealthy meal, see lastnights fish and chips!

I spend a lot of my Monday cooking. I usually make some cheese parmesan biscuits which husband and the kids love, I pop a batch of muesli on for the week and tend to make some sort of bliss ball or slice to have in the freezer. Now I know that even though these kinds of treats are made from raw ingredients, they are still a treat. But every now and then cant hurt right. I spend a lot of time researching recipes. My husbands loves dessert so when I found these beauty of tart from The Barefoot Housewife I knew id have to try it. So when I have finished my work for the morning, I will be in the kitchen giving this recipe a go. Wish me luck. I'm a pretty impatient baker. The ol' measuring cup and I are not great friends.

Amy x

Dream Watch meets Style Your Space by Alice Lines and Imogen Tunnicliffe

Following on from yesterdays post, you know that I love the work of Citta Designs senior designer Imogen Tunnicliff. As I have said previously, this brand gets better and better with age. So when I heard that Homestyle Magazine editor Alice Lines and Imogen were teaming up to show us how to style our spaces I was all ears. The pair are hosting workshops in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. I would imagine these tickets will get snapped up so head over here to find out more and to check out the 'style your space' competition that they are currently running. (Spaces above styled by either or both of the two talented ladies.)

Ive found it, my dream watch! I am a rose gold girl. And after losing my old watch a year ago now, I have been on the hunt since. How seriously awesome are these Rosefield watches from the very cool Madam Fancy Pants? While you are there I would check out all of their other amazingness!

Happy Thursday.

Amy x

Home tour plus Citta Design

One hurdle I face being a blogger living in Hawkes Bay is that most of the launches that I get invited to are hosted in Auckland. (I know, life is tough right? Poor me!) But, it means I miss seeing all those beautiful products first. I was gutted to miss yet another Citta Design launch recently. Citta recently showed their new summer 16/17 collection Palm Springs to media and VIP guests. I knew this would be a goodie so I tracked down some images from Citta and just had to show you their amazing range of cushions. Honestly, these guys just get better and better with age.

I am head over heels madly in love with this renovated Melbourne home from the ever inspiring Inside Out magazine. Owner, Former Vogue Australia editor Anthea O'Connor enlisted the help of architect David Neal, builder Joe Dema and Sanders & King interiors to help with the finishing touches. Such perfection if you ask me. Pop over here to find out the details.

Amy x

Ico Traders meets Beau Monde Babe meets Hotel Tour x

Not too many words today. I'm tired from my first day back at school for the term and also being a little under the weather. I wanted to show you a gorgeous home tour, well hotel tour if you must, and the latest must haves from Ico Traders.

Images by Katrina Lee

I have long admired the work of Miranda Osborne from Ico Traders. The queen of wire furniture and industrial lighting, Miranda has also brought out a range of kick arse homewares including these hangers and hooks which I am a massive fan of.

Secondly, I spotted this incredible hotel, Margot House, situated in Barcelona while browsing Est Magazine online. Nine stylishly designed rooms featuring oak timber accents, to die for bathrooms and lush looking beds. An absolute dream to stay here... Sigh.... one day!

Lastly I absolutely love these gorgeous Louis Louise pieces from Beau Monde Babe. Pair them with tights for the winter and take them through to summer. So beautiful and even better when they are on sale.

Amy x

My living room with Early Settler

Happy Sunday. I'm suffering from a bit of a late night.... when will I ever learn?! Anywho, husband and I drove down to Wellington on Friday for the night. Very fun kidless trip! We headed down there to pick up my new lounge suite. I have been searching and searching for new sofas for ever now. And I finally found them at Early Settler. I am super stoked with them. Exactly what I was after and more.

We got the three seater and two seater Slouch Couch which fits perfectly into our living room and each section comes apart so we have set the middle section the three seater sofa up as an extra armchair.  The fabric is a canvas cotton which almost looks like a linen. Very heavy and hardwearing by the looks of things. Also every cover is removable which is a must in my family. And lastly.... so so amazingly comfortable.

We had to rush back so I only had a quick look around Early Settler but honestly they had so many fabulous things. The rugs, tables, baths and outdoor fires particularly caught my eye. I will definitely head back to the Wellington store when I head back down in a couple of months.

Im now on the hunt for a fug to go under coffee table, cushions for the sofas and new curtains. (Let me know if you have ideas on awesome affordable curtains)One thing at a time though huh? For now I shall enjoy my amazing Early Settler Slouch Couch.

Amy x

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The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow

You know I have always been a fan of Melissa Mills photography. Melissa is an incredible wedding photographer but what you may not have known is she also has another business by the name of The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow. The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is the amazing family and lifestyle side of Melissas work. This girl is one talented human!

What I love about The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is that it's family photography that documents the real stuff. The in between moments. The extraordinary in the ordinary. It's not about being in your Sunday best it's about capturing the family in their rawest form where they are most comfortable, in their home and such. Melissa spends the first half hour of the session taking formal photos and after this she sinks away in the background while families be themselves and have some fun for that time. Did I mention she does travel around the country?

I am definitely keen to get Melissa out to shoot some images of my family. Perfect for us as I have a typical bloke of a husband who doesn't like standing in front of the camera posing. Love this documentary type photography. Right up our ally.

So when I heard that Melissa was running a competition to celebrate the launch of her newly updated The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow website I just had to share. (Actually I was thinking of being selfish and not letting you know because I really want to win, but that wouldn't be fair would it?)

One lucky person could win 'a day in the life family documentary session valued at $980. Plus 4x $50 off session fees for other lucky families. Competition is only open for 2 weeks and is super easy to enter. Pop over here to find out more. My fingers and toes are crossed.  

Amy x

Hare + Klein, Weekend Canvas and Rocky and Ruby blog

I am on a roll this week. Two blog posts in two days! So unlike me, I'm guna roll with it while it lasts. So on that note, I wanted to start off today with an amazing property by again another Australian Architect company. (Jeez, Aussie architects are killing it!) This time architect firm Hare + Klein is responsible for this outstanding property which was nominated in 2015 in the Australian Interior Design for residential decoration. Incredible use of furniture and choice of styling.

Im loving these FOREST BOUND canvas weekend bags handmade in the USA new in at The Foxes Den. Perfect for weekend trips away.

Images by Zoe Frizzell

"Mom bloggers" We have some goodies here in New Zealand. Great to read when one finds the time. What is a Mom blog? Mums who blog... life, kids, general riff raff. All the real stuff you wana hear. I have never really classed myself in the "mom blog" category. Not because I don't want to, but Ive just always been a bit scared of putting myself out there. Even though I do it on a daily basis, I mean like really out there.

One Mom blogger who is killing it here in New Zealand is the gorgeous and hilariously funny Rebecca of Rocky and Ruby blog. Have you sat down and read the stuff this chick writes. Honestly.... so funny. My kind of girl. I admire her honesty, her down to earth nature and her humour. Well worth popping over to her blog, Instagram and facebook pages for a peep. Oh and do search her on Snapchat. I look forward to her daily snaps. Lock myself away for 5 minutes while the kids are screaming for lunch just to check her snaps out.

A Home Tour and Frankie Wears

Happy Monday to you all. We have another Frankie Wears on the blog today, a gorgeous home tour of course. Keep those submissions coming in. I love hearing from you but please excuse me if I don't get back to you straight away. Blame my 2 and 3 year old!

There is no way on this planet that I could ever live in a home like this. I have two very boisterous toddlers who wouldn't take well to this space. But one can dream right? Actually I would add a teeny bit more to the walls and maybe just rough it up a little if you know what I mean, but that's me just being super super fussy! Found thanks to Oracle Fox, design by Neuman Hayner Architects.

A quick little Frankie Wears for today. We have always been super fond of New Zealands Cotton Tail. The most beautiful handmade clothing. And it is obvious to see that talented owner/designer Therese is in fact quite obsessed with fabric. When the fabric and designs are this good, why wouldn't you be obsessed? Here Frankie wears a gorgeous little navy floral pinafore in a size four. See here for more of these amazing pieces.

If you would like to see wee Frankie wearing your pieces please drop me a line,

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...