The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow

You know I have always been a fan of Melissa Mills photography. Melissa is an incredible wedding photographer but what you may not have known is she also has another business by the name of The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow. The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is the amazing family and lifestyle side of Melissas work. This girl is one talented human!

What I love about The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow is that it's family photography that documents the real stuff. The in between moments. The extraordinary in the ordinary. It's not about being in your Sunday best it's about capturing the family in their rawest form where they are most comfortable, in their home and such. Melissa spends the first half hour of the session taking formal photos and after this she sinks away in the background while families be themselves and have some fun for that time. Did I mention she does travel around the country?

I am definitely keen to get Melissa out to shoot some images of my family. Perfect for us as I have a typical bloke of a husband who doesn't like standing in front of the camera posing. Love this documentary type photography. Right up our ally.

So when I heard that Melissa was running a competition to celebrate the launch of her newly updated The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow website I just had to share. (Actually I was thinking of being selfish and not letting you know because I really want to win, but that wouldn't be fair would it?)

One lucky person could win 'a day in the life family documentary session valued at $980. Plus 4x $50 off session fees for other lucky families. Competition is only open for 2 weeks and is super easy to enter. Pop over here to find out more. My fingers and toes are crossed.  

Amy x

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