Saturday, July 23, 2016

My living room with Early Settler

Happy Sunday. I'm suffering from a bit of a late night.... when will I ever learn?! Anywho, husband and I drove down to Wellington on Friday for the night. Very fun kidless trip! We headed down there to pick up my new lounge suite. I have been searching and searching for new sofas for ever now. And I finally found them at Early Settler. I am super stoked with them. Exactly what I was after and more.

We got the three seater and two seater Slouch Couch which fits perfectly into our living room and each section comes apart so we have set the middle section the three seater sofa up as an extra armchair.  The fabric is a canvas cotton which almost looks like a linen. Very heavy and hardwearing by the looks of things. Also every cover is removable which is a must in my family. And lastly.... so so amazingly comfortable.

We had to rush back so I only had a quick look around Early Settler but honestly they had so many fabulous things. The rugs, tables, baths and outdoor fires particularly caught my eye. I will definitely head back to the Wellington store when I head back down in a couple of months.

Im now on the hunt for a fug to go under coffee table, cushions for the sofas and new curtains. (Let me know if you have ideas on awesome affordable curtains)One thing at a time though huh? For now I shall enjoy my amazing Early Settler Slouch Couch.

Amy x

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  1. Hi, can I ask where you got the swimming pool pic from? I can't see it very well but it looks like a swimming pool :) Thanks Mel

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  4. Hi! Is there only one colour in this couch?
    Yours looks lighter than the one on their website.
    Thanks! X


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