Monday Mix Up

Happy Monday to you all. I'm feeling a bit stuck in a winter rutt at the moment. I need to up my fitness game as I have let it slip over the past 3 weeks. When I am fit, I feel at my best, simple. I'm trying to get myself all organised today for a smooth sailing week. House work, school work, blog work. Anywho, enough about me, that's not what my blog is all about. Its a design and lifestyle blog and I shall try and do my best to deliver the goods.

I have followed H2 Design + Build on Facebook for sometime now and love what they do. Exactly my kind of style. A bit of country, mixed with moden and an industrial touch added in for good measures. Below is some of their work, see more here.

I am loving these Bloomingville ceramics from Moi on George. The rustic uneven finish adds appeal and charm. Just what I am looking for in a dinner set.

Our diet has changed quite somewhat over the past 6 months not that we were hugely unhealthy eaters. Actually its changed without us really noticing. I have a bag of sugar sitting in my cupboard that hasn't been touched in forever, a packet of biscuits that have gone stale (need to sort my pantry out!) Don't get me wrong, we are not crazy  raw obsessed type people but we are trying to make better choices. Mind you we do still eat the odd unhealthy meal, see lastnights fish and chips!

I spend a lot of my Monday cooking. I usually make some cheese parmesan biscuits which husband and the kids love, I pop a batch of muesli on for the week and tend to make some sort of bliss ball or slice to have in the freezer. Now I know that even though these kinds of treats are made from raw ingredients, they are still a treat. But every now and then cant hurt right. I spend a lot of time researching recipes. My husbands loves dessert so when I found these beauty of tart from The Barefoot Housewife I knew id have to try it. So when I have finished my work for the morning, I will be in the kitchen giving this recipe a go. Wish me luck. I'm a pretty impatient baker. The ol' measuring cup and I are not great friends.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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