Leden Design

I have had my eye on New Zealand designer Lydia Batts of Leden Design for some time now. Lydia creates incredible hand drawn prints and cushions. Recently, Lydia has branched out adding Liddles by Leden to her growing business.

Liddles by Leden is a gorgeous range of 100% merino wool baby wraps that have been screen printed with non toxic water based dyes.  Such a cool gift for new babies. You can choose from butterflies, lions or pineapples. That lion is a winner for me! How cool is he?

Amy x

Images provided with thanks from Leden Design

Monday mix up. Home Tour and Product Love

Happy start of the week to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The productive weekend that we were planning around the house didn't quite turn out that way. Still, it was a fun social weekend with friends. Better than jobs at home I say. Lots and lots of exciting things coming up for Milo and Mitzy that I look forward to sharing. And it turns out you quite liked reading my view on Milo and Mitzy, blogging and blogs in general that I wrote in this post. I have had some inquiries about how to start a blog so I am planning a post on this in the next wee while.

First up today, The most incredible Brisbane based boutique hotel style accommodation, Durham House. I am all over their style and love the way that they have put everything together. Although not suitable for young toddlers, (counts me out) it really is a perfect place to stay with your partner or friends.

Secondly I am loving the new Pastille table mats along with other Pastille products from the dreamy Izzy and Jean Co. How fantastic would they look at your next lunch or dinner party. I can picture now. Pop over here to view the range.

Amy x

A home tour and a bit of blah blah blah

Good morning to all of you. I wanted to start today by talking a bit about Milo and Mitzy and blogging in general. Ive been asked a lot about blogging lately so I thought that I would share my thoughts. I dont want to sound like I am blowing my own trumpet here because I certainly am not, but I couldn't be prouder of Milo and Mitzy right now. It is at the best place that it has ever been at due to the hard work that I have put in. The daily reader numbers are the highest that they have ever been and the opportunities that the blog is giving me just blows me away. In saying that, I am in a bit of a hard place. The blog is my number one, yet I feel that other social media platforms are slowly taking over such as Instagram. I love Instagram and am working hard on Milo and Mitzys Instagram feed but the blog will always be number one. My goal for Milo and Mitzys blog is to have the feel of an online magazine. I call it a design and lifestyle blog. I cover mostly design and interiors, a bit of kids, a bit foodie and most recently a bit of my own home.

People ask me how to run a successful blog. And actually, I don't know really. I am still learning to. I google, I YouTube, I talk to people. My biggest thing is just, fake it until you make it. Meaning, making it feel professional. Make it seem like you know what you are doing. I'm very particular on the images that I post on my blog, hence the reason I am hesitant to post my own photographs. I want the blog to look professional. Sometimes I get emails from creatives who are doing amazing things but their product has been photographed on their kitchen table by a phone. I just cant put those sorts of images on the blog as I then lose that professionalism.

There are so many blogs and social media feeds in New Zealand that yes, it is a very competitive market. Being based in Hawkes Bay has its advantages but it also means that I miss out on launch events etc in Auckland where most are held. You want to be the first off the mark to advertise these new products so the fact that I am not out and about attending events does mean I miss the boat their a bit.

Milo and Mitzy has given me many opportunities which I am very grateful for. I am working on some new things at the moment which I am excited to share and I am continuing to work with new and established businesses which is really what drives me and why I love doing this. Right enough from me... sheesh, whats got into me? I don't reall share my voice too much on here about personal things. Onto what we all love, some gorgeous home inspiration.

This gorgeous Australian home belongs to stylist Julia of Show Pony Interiors which featured recently in Adore Magazine. Julia has applied her love of cool tones and classic aesthetics to renovate this Edwardian home in Metro Melbourne. See more of the home tour here.

Amy x

Work Space styling

I have always just worked at the dining room table, but recently I set up a little worksapce nook in my husbands office for myself. I just needed something big enough for my laptop so the desk that we already have which we purchased from Freedom was perfect.

Now, again I am going to talk about framing. I had some artworks that I needed framed. A gorgeous piece from Mini Grandi Artist that you can see above my desk and  another from The Printable Studio. The Huia birds are an old favourite of mine from Aroha and Friends. I tried to frame these prints myself but one frame broke and the other just came out looking crinkly. So again I headed in to see the amazing Edges Workshop. Seriously these guys can do anything and honestly make the your artwork look incredible. I had someone the other day ask me if they frame tea towels? Yes, beautifully too might I add.

The next thing I want to tell you about is the guys at N.E.D Collections. N.E.D. Collections is where the very cool little lamp and the stool beside my desk come from. These guys are relatively new on the home scene but have big things ahead for them. I have my eye on more of their products, particularly the dos bench seat and alpine stool. They also stock the beautiful blankets from our friends at Forestry Wool.

And lastly it is all sitting pretty on my handwoven diamond rug from Trade Aid. This will all change around soon I am sure as I am really really excellent at changing my mind.

Have a great Monday. I may be back later so do keep an eye out and keep the emails coming in. I love hearing from  you.

Amy x

The new Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite Coffee Machine

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed recently that I have a new love in my life. No no, not a puppy, a horse or even a new baby... I'm talking the newest state of the art coffee machine from Delonghi, the Prima Donna Elite. Now let me explain why, I am no barista believe me, I enjoy my coffee but the amount of times that I have tipped a coffee down the sink due to taste, I cannot tell you. I am also TERRIBLE with technology. No joke. I am not one to sit and read a manual. So it was fair to say that when the new Prima Donna Elite arrived on my door step, I was some what daunted.

That is until I switched the machine on and it told me everything I needed to do. So so simple. Great start. So not only did I find out how simple this new ultra modern machine from Delonghi was to use but I also found out that I can order my coffee from my own bed! Seriously, with a touch of a button on my phone, the Prima Donna Elite makes my coffee for me.

I am able to choose from a range of brews such as a flat white, cappuccino, an espresso and I can even make the kids a delicious hot chocolate. The machine contains a built in grinder and the taste, aroma, temperature and quantity of coffee can be personalized, as can the density, creaminess, temperature and quantity of the milk.

The Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite retails exclusively at Harvey Norman $3,419. Such a worthy investment. My husband and I meet each other for morning tea coffee dates at home now. A treat for us that is for sure.

Excuse me while I touch a button to make the finest quality coffee to enjoy in peace. :)

Amy x


As a long time fan of the super talented Sara Medina, I am always interested in anything that she puts her hand to. So when her company Melo, run by Sara and business partner Axel Wennhall launched their second collection today I was all ears.

Now offering worldwide shipping, Melo has launched three beautiful new products all made from solid ash wood- a coffee table, a magazine rack and an orb. All perfect products to fit in with your current home style. And again absolutely beautiful styling and photography as always.

Amy x

Framing with Edges Workshop

Art. More specifically displaying art. Its something I have been thinking a lot about recently. I love displaying art in my home, but how to hang it is my big question.

Ive tried it all, believe you me. Ive tried the bull dog clips. I have given washi tape a go. Ive tried poster rail frames and the most common of all, I have a cupboard full of cheap frames that have half broken on me. I had all good intentions of supergluing them back together, but you know what? I have come to the conclusion that its really not worth it. When it comes to art, paying a professional is definitely the way to go in my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bargain, but you wouldn't believe how many beautiful pieces of art have been ruined in my home, due toddlers running around and me having not protected them as they should have been.

Over the years when I have taken art to get it framed professionally, my go to has always been Edges Workshop in Havelock North. The best framing shop ever and did I mention they also have the coolest prints to purchase, also. They have a small online store that you can check out here or you can also keep up to date with their latest news over on their facebook page. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in town. These guys do an amazing, extremely professional job whatever the brief and have framed for some pretty solid artists too might I add.

Amy x

Parsonson Arcticects X JS Ceramics from Paper Plane

Not many words from me tonight. I'm a bit under the weather from a rather large but fun weekend. Cant party like I used to. 3 days certainly does tests me!

Ive had my eye on New Zealand company Parsonson Architect Ltd for quite sometime now. Always popping onto their site to see what the latest projects are, this Wairua Valley Home recently caught my eye. Overlooking amazing rural landscape of farms, orchards and vinyards, this home, this home demonstrates indoor/outdoor flow brilliantly.  Images taken by Paul McCredie.

Secondly, how fabulous are these cool modern ceramics by JS ceramics available to purchase from Paper Plane. Me like!

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...