Work Space styling

I have always just worked at the dining room table, but recently I set up a little worksapce nook in my husbands office for myself. I just needed something big enough for my laptop so the desk that we already have which we purchased from Freedom was perfect.

Now, again I am going to talk about framing. I had some artworks that I needed framed. A gorgeous piece from Mini Grandi Artist that you can see above my desk and  another from The Printable Studio. The Huia birds are an old favourite of mine from Aroha and Friends. I tried to frame these prints myself but one frame broke and the other just came out looking crinkly. So again I headed in to see the amazing Edges Workshop. Seriously these guys can do anything and honestly make the your artwork look incredible. I had someone the other day ask me if they frame tea towels? Yes, beautifully too might I add.

The next thing I want to tell you about is the guys at N.E.D Collections. N.E.D. Collections is where the very cool little lamp and the stool beside my desk come from. These guys are relatively new on the home scene but have big things ahead for them. I have my eye on more of their products, particularly the dos bench seat and alpine stool. They also stock the beautiful blankets from our friends at Forestry Wool.

And lastly it is all sitting pretty on my handwoven diamond rug from Trade Aid. This will all change around soon I am sure as I am really really excellent at changing my mind.

Have a great Monday. I may be back later so do keep an eye out and keep the emails coming in. I love hearing from  you.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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