The new Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite Coffee Machine

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed recently that I have a new love in my life. No no, not a puppy, a horse or even a new baby... I'm talking the newest state of the art coffee machine from Delonghi, the Prima Donna Elite. Now let me explain why, I am no barista believe me, I enjoy my coffee but the amount of times that I have tipped a coffee down the sink due to taste, I cannot tell you. I am also TERRIBLE with technology. No joke. I am not one to sit and read a manual. So it was fair to say that when the new Prima Donna Elite arrived on my door step, I was some what daunted.

That is until I switched the machine on and it told me everything I needed to do. So so simple. Great start. So not only did I find out how simple this new ultra modern machine from Delonghi was to use but I also found out that I can order my coffee from my own bed! Seriously, with a touch of a button on my phone, the Prima Donna Elite makes my coffee for me.

I am able to choose from a range of brews such as a flat white, cappuccino, an espresso and I can even make the kids a delicious hot chocolate. The machine contains a built in grinder and the taste, aroma, temperature and quantity of coffee can be personalized, as can the density, creaminess, temperature and quantity of the milk.

The Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite retails exclusively at Harvey Norman $3,419. Such a worthy investment. My husband and I meet each other for morning tea coffee dates at home now. A treat for us that is for sure.

Excuse me while I touch a button to make the finest quality coffee to enjoy in peace. :)

Amy x

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