A home tour and a bit of blah blah blah

Good morning to all of you. I wanted to start today by talking a bit about Milo and Mitzy and blogging in general. Ive been asked a lot about blogging lately so I thought that I would share my thoughts. I dont want to sound like I am blowing my own trumpet here because I certainly am not, but I couldn't be prouder of Milo and Mitzy right now. It is at the best place that it has ever been at due to the hard work that I have put in. The daily reader numbers are the highest that they have ever been and the opportunities that the blog is giving me just blows me away. In saying that, I am in a bit of a hard place. The blog is my number one, yet I feel that other social media platforms are slowly taking over such as Instagram. I love Instagram and am working hard on Milo and Mitzys Instagram feed but the blog will always be number one. My goal for Milo and Mitzys blog is to have the feel of an online magazine. I call it a design and lifestyle blog. I cover mostly design and interiors, a bit of kids, a bit foodie and most recently a bit of my own home.

People ask me how to run a successful blog. And actually, I don't know really. I am still learning to. I google, I YouTube, I talk to people. My biggest thing is just, fake it until you make it. Meaning, making it feel professional. Make it seem like you know what you are doing. I'm very particular on the images that I post on my blog, hence the reason I am hesitant to post my own photographs. I want the blog to look professional. Sometimes I get emails from creatives who are doing amazing things but their product has been photographed on their kitchen table by a phone. I just cant put those sorts of images on the blog as I then lose that professionalism.

There are so many blogs and social media feeds in New Zealand that yes, it is a very competitive market. Being based in Hawkes Bay has its advantages but it also means that I miss out on launch events etc in Auckland where most are held. You want to be the first off the mark to advertise these new products so the fact that I am not out and about attending events does mean I miss the boat their a bit.

Milo and Mitzy has given me many opportunities which I am very grateful for. I am working on some new things at the moment which I am excited to share and I am continuing to work with new and established businesses which is really what drives me and why I love doing this. Right enough from me... sheesh, whats got into me? I don't reall share my voice too much on here about personal things. Onto what we all love, some gorgeous home inspiration.

This gorgeous Australian home belongs to stylist Julia of Show Pony Interiors which featured recently in Adore Magazine. Julia has applied her love of cool tones and classic aesthetics to renovate this Edwardian home in Metro Melbourne. See more of the home tour here.

Amy x

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