For the past couple of months I have been using a new product by the name of Adashiko. I have been pondering for ages now on how to go about writing this post as I really really wanted to let you guys know about it, but I am no beauty writer, (I barely even brush my hair!) So to be honest this has taken a while for me to figure out writing this. But then I thought, bugger it, just write what you know and write how it makes you feel. So that's exactly what I am going to do.
Ill be straight up with you, Im not great as taking vitamins. Ill force a vitamin c into me when the hubby tells me to. Im not great with my skin care routine. Im pretty lucky to have okay skin. But running around after two toddlers and just getting older in general is going to catch up to me one day so I really wanted to begin natural health routine that worked for my skin and my health.

That's when I discovered Adashiko. Adashiko's superior 100% natural collagen products are formulated in Japan and are made from the highest-quality advanced low molecular collagen, which is also known as “super collagen”. This is the best form of collagen available. Taken regularly, it is impossible not to benefit from Adashiko supplements.
So how do I feel after 3 or four months of taking the rejuvenation collagen powder in my cuppa tea at night and using the collagen noni face gel each morning? My nails feel stronger for sure and to be honest and I know it sounds super cheesy but my skin feels radiant, smoother and not dry like it used to get.  
Adashiko benefits your heart, lungs, arteries, muscles, bones, cartilage, liver, joints, nails, hair and is the building blocks for our skin. A natural product that does this? Seriously why wouldn't you give it a go. A perfect Christmas present for yourself or Mum that helps rejuvenate inside and out.
Amy x

Black window frames

This trend has been around for a wee while now, but I am starting to notice it more and more, especially in shops, bars and cafes.  I am talking black window framing. An eye catching look bringing in a touch of industrial.

I have been wondering how easy this look would be to achieve in your own home on a budget. Luckily for me the team at Dulux helped me out. This look is certainly achievable in your own home on a budget. The product used to paint over your already existing aluminium frames to create this look is Dulux all metal primer water-based.


If your windows are powder coated aluminium windows they will need to be well sanded, particularly if they are new. From there you prime with Dulux 1-step water-based primer followed by two coats of Dulux Aquanamel which is available in a gloss or semi-gloss finish. How easy is that? And what a huge difference this makes to your home.

Happy painting and cheers to Dulux for the tips.

Amy x
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Go Ask Alice

Gahhh, Monday. Must work out! Must eat healthy! Must spring clean! Says that niggly little voice in my head! No but seriously, happy Monday to you all. Can you believe that it is just over a month until Christmas? I swore this year that I was going to be super organised. I think I say that every year though.

Christmas shopping can sometime be a drag, but I actually love it and I especially love shopping for the husband. I have been trying to find a cool over night bag for him, for what feels like forever so I was super stoked when I discovered these Voyager Duffel bags recently from New Zealands Go Ask Alice. Cool colours, well made, great size and local! What more could you want in an over night bag?
Amy x

Byron Bay Abodes

Byron Bay, one of my all time favourite places, if not, FAVE! Hence the reason I am always dreaming of getting back there one day soon. And part of that dreaming involves sussing out the best accommodation on offer. So when I stumbled upon Byron Bay Abodes nearly a year a go, run by the crazy talented Taliah Lowry, I immediately clicked like, follow, love, take me there.... All that sorta jazz. Still hasn't happened, but it will!


Anywho, its Sunday, I am tired from a super awesome weekend so I suggest you let these piccys do the talking and seriously get yourself to Byron Bay to hit up Byron Bay Abodes.

Here to a successful and busy week. I hope you achieve lots and take time to enjoy the small things in life. Fingers crossed I can catch up on my blog/emails/social media post/never ending list and still get out and jump on the tramp with the kids!
Amy x

Ottolooms new range of Japanese towels

If you have followed Milo and Mitzy for a while now you will know that I am a huge huge fan of New Zealands Ottoloom. My go to for 100% organic cotton hand loomed Turkish towels.

So to my delight, Ottoloom have brought out a new range of Japanese Kontex towels. These Japanese towels are woven at gentle speeds on an old fashioned weaving machine. Highly absorbent, light weight and fast drying, the Ottoloom Japanese Kontex towels are made from a blend of linen and cotton fabrics.

Luckily for us, Anna from Ottoloom is kindly offering all Milo and Mitzy readers 20% off all Ottoloom bath products from today through until next Wednesday. Simply enter BATH20 at the checkout. Seriously these make the most delicious of Christmas pressies. Perfect for that hard to buy for somebody. Happy shopping and do check our instagram for shots of how I have used my Ottoloom products around my home.

Amy x

Living Room Update

I have been all about living rooms lately, focusing a lot on rearranging ours and adding in new bits and pieces. Our living room is the hub of our home. We spend the majority of our time there and being open plan, visitors immediately draw to this space.

 At this stage in time, we are not looking to invest in new sofas. (I am actually looking to have navy linen slip covers made up for my sofas but that is a whole notha story!) So for me, the key to a good living area is the right mix of rugs, art work and cushions.  Large scale art work that adds impact is my current go to.

So on that note, I was absolutely stoked to see these gorgeous new prints that Freedom have just brought out.  A perfect addition to any living area. A statement piece to draw in the eye. And on that note, check out Freedoms new summer collection. You can thank me later.
Amy x

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Monday Mix Up

Can I start off by asking you a question please? My question is, do you want a daily post from us here at Milo and Mitzy, something short and sweet each day? Or do you want a weekly mini mag? Say like a once a week mix up post with maybe 4 or 5 features included in the one weekly post? Right, now that I have that out of the way, lets get on with my extremely overdue post.

First up are these charming wee inner city Melbourne apartments designed by Architect company Studio Tate. Contemporary, distinctive living right in amongst the action of it all.

Secondly today, throughout the build up to Christmas I will be showing you some lever and gorgeous gift ideas for your family and friends.  Today I am bringing you products from Ashley & Co's new line Gone Green. Perfect for any member of the family. I would be super wrapt to receive and Ashley & Co product under my Christmas tree.

Lastly today I wanted to show you these amazing new bedroom images from the clever team at Nest. I am a huge sucker for a beautiful bedroom, this certainly ticks all of the boxes.

Now, goals for this week... get something up on the blog at least 4 times to make up for being so useless. Wish me luck and check back in tomorrow to see how I am going with that one.
Happy Monday.
Amy x

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