Living Room Update

I have been all about living rooms lately, focusing a lot on rearranging ours and adding in new bits and pieces. Our living room is the hub of our home. We spend the majority of our time there and being open plan, visitors immediately draw to this space.

 At this stage in time, we are not looking to invest in new sofas. (I am actually looking to have navy linen slip covers made up for my sofas but that is a whole notha story!) So for me, the key to a good living area is the right mix of rugs, art work and cushions.  Large scale art work that adds impact is my current go to.

So on that note, I was absolutely stoked to see these gorgeous new prints that Freedom have just brought out.  A perfect addition to any living area. A statement piece to draw in the eye. And on that note, check out Freedoms new summer collection. You can thank me later.
Amy x

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