Black window frames

This trend has been around for a wee while now, but I am starting to notice it more and more, especially in shops, bars and cafes.  I am talking black window framing. An eye catching look bringing in a touch of industrial.

I have been wondering how easy this look would be to achieve in your own home on a budget. Luckily for me the team at Dulux helped me out. This look is certainly achievable in your own home on a budget. The product used to paint over your already existing aluminium frames to create this look is Dulux all metal primer water-based.


If your windows are powder coated aluminium windows they will need to be well sanded, particularly if they are new. From there you prime with Dulux 1-step water-based primer followed by two coats of Dulux Aquanamel which is available in a gloss or semi-gloss finish. How easy is that? And what a huge difference this makes to your home.

Happy painting and cheers to Dulux for the tips.

Amy x
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