For the past couple of months I have been using a new product by the name of Adashiko. I have been pondering for ages now on how to go about writing this post as I really really wanted to let you guys know about it, but I am no beauty writer, (I barely even brush my hair!) So to be honest this has taken a while for me to figure out writing this. But then I thought, bugger it, just write what you know and write how it makes you feel. So that's exactly what I am going to do.
Ill be straight up with you, Im not great as taking vitamins. Ill force a vitamin c into me when the hubby tells me to. Im not great with my skin care routine. Im pretty lucky to have okay skin. But running around after two toddlers and just getting older in general is going to catch up to me one day so I really wanted to begin natural health routine that worked for my skin and my health.

That's when I discovered Adashiko. Adashiko's superior 100% natural collagen products are formulated in Japan and are made from the highest-quality advanced low molecular collagen, which is also known as “super collagen”. This is the best form of collagen available. Taken regularly, it is impossible not to benefit from Adashiko supplements.
So how do I feel after 3 or four months of taking the rejuvenation collagen powder in my cuppa tea at night and using the collagen noni face gel each morning? My nails feel stronger for sure and to be honest and I know it sounds super cheesy but my skin feels radiant, smoother and not dry like it used to get.  
Adashiko benefits your heart, lungs, arteries, muscles, bones, cartilage, liver, joints, nails, hair and is the building blocks for our skin. A natural product that does this? Seriously why wouldn't you give it a go. A perfect Christmas present for yourself or Mum that helps rejuvenate inside and out.
Amy x

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