Shopkeeper Interview - Kim of Surrey Park


Kim Coleman

What do you do for a living?

Owner of home wear store Surrey Park, part-time registered nurse, office manager of our waterproofing company & full-time cleaner for 2 teens.

How does a normal day fold out for you?

Once the family is out of the house, & the coffee is made I'm on the computer sorting emails & orders, wrapping parcels & spending waaay to much time getting lost on Facebook, Pinterest, reading blogs & looking for new goodness for the store.  Otherwise there is no routine, I generally take it as it comes, see what the day throws at me!  I love being able to drop it all for an impromptu coffee with friends as I know I can catch up on work in the evening.

Who inspires you?
Anyone who just grabs life by the horns, faces challenges with a smile & appreciates the value of love & friendship. And my husband who works too hard!  In regards to interiors there's no one person, inspiration comes from the wonderful world we are exposed to on the web right at home.

What websites/blogs could we find you reading? 
I love Marley and Lockyer, Ness makes the most beautiful ceramics & I love her styling of vintage interiors.  I'm stalkerishly obsessed with Petite Vinatge Interiors and would seriously consider having a toddler again just to have Belinda design the room... Anyone want to swap a teen??  Of course Milo & Mitzy is a must follow (I could live in Amy's pinterest world), as is The Design Chaser.

What is your interior style?
I have a mixed taste of vintage, industrial and more recently, scandi styling.  Think black & white, antlers, cowhide rugs, crystal decanters, leather chesterfields mixed with bright cushions, fairy lights, tolix style stools, chalkboards & a Stendig calendar - that's our living space.

What is your fashion style?  

I can hear my mother saying.. " stop wearing black..."  I tend to live in skinny leg jeans, loose tops & long necklaces & have a wee boot collection - you can never have too many right?

From your store, what is on your wishlist?  

I really think I need the Dove Grey 100% linen duvet cover.  It is such a beautiful soft shade & the look & feel of pure linen is unbeatable. We have the House Doctor round copper mirrors on a chain arriving soon so I'm eyeing up the walls for where one could go.
From anywhere what is on your wishlist?
I'm planning the office reno and would love this industrial drawer unit from Java Interiors.  The office will also need one of these cool clip lamps from LET LIV attached to shelf above desk.

What is your favorite holiday destination? 
I haven't done a lot of overseas travel but I went to New Orleans a long time ago & fell in love with the buildings, the jazz & the atmosphere!  New York is on the wishlist.  I have spent the majority of my summers in NZ in Orewa, north of Auckland so that holds a lot of memories & a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

If someone else is making it, I'm loving it!  I'm a savoury girl, can completely leave the sweets out but pop a tomato, feta, & basil tart in front of me & step back!  My Food Bag is the world's best invention, getting your groceries & recipes delivered to your door means no endless openings of the fridge door hoping something delish has magically appeared in there for dinner!

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?
I would love to see our store grow & expand into a real life brick & mortar store but at the moment being available for the family is what is important.  Travel, definitely.  Maybe do an interior design course. Learn to take  a decent photo.  And just breathe & be happy x

Thanks so much for sharing Kim. be sure to pop over to Surrey Park and say hi to Kim.

Amy x

G.Nancy bed linen range

Ooooh I just have to share one more post with you today. Following on from this mornings feature on childrens rooms, the amazing Georgia of G.Nancy and her partner in life and love, illustrator Oli Holmes of Electric Puppet, have just released the most incredible range of 100% cotton, hand printed bed linen. Perfect to finish off any childs room... AND amazing prices!

And here is the exciting part, I have just ordered Patch this wee guy and Frankie this start duvet!

And while you are at it, why not have your kid rocking out in one G.Nancys awesome PJ sets? Pop over here to visit Georgias site.

Happy shopping.

Amy x

Inspiration - Childrens Spaces

Ahhhh shoot, another apology from me. Seems to be all I do these days. Apologies for my lack of blogging. I swear I am looking forward to a bit of normality. I look around me and I am surrounded by boxes. Big move next Sunday Monday and I.CANNOT.WAIT. Moving into our new family home! Such a nice feeling to know that we will be there for a long time. Such a nice feeling to know that we can really make it our own home. Put our own stamp on things. Anywho, be sure to keep up with Milo and Mitzys instagram as I will share pictures on there with you from time to time of the new house. No house tour today. A bit of a random week for the blog. Who knows what and when I will post actually. Today I wanted to share with you a  images of children's spaces that are inspiring me right now.

All images via
Because I knew we were moving house before I had my wee Patch, I didnt spend time like I usually would, doing up his room. So this is something that I am really looking forward to. Patch has been given a beautiful black and white Crosses Blanket from the lovely Jamie of Jamie Kay which is what I intend to base the room around. From there I will add my pops of colour in things such as the cute vintage chair that I feed on, art work and a rug that I am still on the hunt for.

Love that upside down person in the third photo. Am thinking I may get creative with washi tape that I will be purchasing from Tea Pea and do something similar, only a picture using straight lines. The mobile hanging above the bed in the last picture can be found at LET LIV and the honey comb paper balls also seen in the third picture can be purchased from Dots n Spots.

Oh and if anyone can tell me where to find something similar to that letter A in the second pic, do share. 

Happy Monday. 

Amy x

The blogger shares - Alana of Fancy

I am so thrilled to have the super talented and incredibly humorous Alana of Fancy, New Zealand Deign blog on board for todays - The Blogger Shares. I say humorous because whenever I find a spare moment to sit down and read Alanas blog I find myself quietly chuckling away at all of her clever and witty comments that she writes throughout each post. 

Jardan Furniture
Jardan Furniture and an Angle Lamp
Angle Lamp from Douglas and Bec
Alana states - As I spend hours each day discovering awesome design, my wishlist is loooooooooooooong! But always, anytime, any day, any way, I'd love a piece of furniture from Australian designers Jardan. Beautifully made, clean lines, somewhat-Scandi style, Tick, tick, tick!

Can I pick something else, please? An Angle Floor Lamp or Table Lamp from NZ designers Douglas and Bec. And how convenient, this picture includes those very lamps, and Jardan furniture!

The Beetle Shack
I love lifestyle blogs that blend beautiful design with the blogger's own creative and personal life, their home, weekend activities, food, photographs… I have a whole bunch I read every weekend. One of my faves is The Beetleshack.

Thanks so much for coming on board and sharing your picks Alana.

Happy hump day.

Amy x

House Tour

If you follow Milo and Mitzy on Facebook you would have seen me post one of the images above of the work space in this house. Facebook is where I post the one off pictures that I just absolutely love. Actually takes me a long time to select my Facebook images. Sometimes I think, right I will quickly post an image on Facebook and then head to bed... half an hour later I still find myself looking for the right image to post.


Anywho enough of that, I decided to investigate this house further. I presumed that because it is such an awesome desk/office space that surely the rest of the house must be pretty darn cool. I reckon I was right. Do you?

What do I love? I love the white washed floors. I love the kids room (last 2 pics) especially the bedding. And lastly, I am in love with the furnishings and decor. That couch, rugs, art work and the lighting. Pretty swell I think.

Happy Monday.

Inside Out Magazine

HECK! Check out this home in the latest edition of Inside Out. (cant wait to get my hands on a copy!) Images kindly thanks to Desire to Inspire, this is the weekend home of interior designer and stylist Kali Cavanagh, styled by Julia Green and photographed by Armelle Habib

I just simply and utterly adore, especially those bathrooms! You?

Amy x

My own style. House ideas.

You may or may not know, (depending on how much attention you have been paying as of late) but my family and I are moving into a new house in a couple of weeks. Very exciting as the house we are moving into is newly renovated in neutral colours leaving me an blank canvas to work with on which I can put my own spin using various furnishings and decor. Quite exciting and very much a change from the old farm house we currently live in. Also this is going to be our family home for quite sometime so I am very much looking forward to making it my own.

Like a lot of people renovating or simply looking for inspiration, I too have turned to Pinterest. If you follow me on Pinterest you will have noticed that I have recently created a board called new house ideas. Above is a selection of images from this board that are inspiring me for when we do get to the new place and I do start buying furniture, art work, rugs and other things of the sort.

I look forward to sharing images with you of our actual home in the near future. 

Amy x

The Blogger Shares - Tina of Roomie

Phew busy day. Sorry about the late post. I am thrilled to have Tina of Roomie joining me for todays blogger shares series. Thanks so much Tina.

The product I have been coveting is this chair from Corporate Culture. I pretty much visit Corperate Culture just so I can sit in this chair, there are about 50 amazing chairs in the showroom, but this one, in the flesh, takes the cake - seriously amazing proportions, looks elegant and light and small, but totally envelopes you when you sit in it (like one of those super ugly lazy boy chairs) This is chair perfection!

And the blog I am loving is Door Sixteen which kind of speaks for itself. It is a lovely New Yorky, girly kind of blog with lots of fabulous reno stuff to gawk at. 
Thanks so much for sharing Tina. Do pop over to Roomie to check more from Tina. And also check out New Zealands latest Your Home and Garden magazine for a sneak peek into Tinas home.
Amy x

House Tour

Cold day here in my neck of the woods. After a busy weekend a day tucked up inside sounds pretty swell to me. We took off to a wedding of a close friend which was fantastic and stopped on the way there and back to visit family. Over these next couple of weeks I need to think about packing as our big move is actually very close indeed and if I dont start now I know that there will be a mad panic at the end. Packing up is never fun but we are excited to get to our new place and I am excited to share images with you on Milo and Mitzys instagram when I start setting up the house.

Todays house, with its clean lines and its dark moody hues screams modern, functional and easy living. What originally drew me to this home is that incredible bathroom with those tiles really stealing the show. 

To achieve a similar look in the bedroom when dressing your bed, try  new online store The Foxes Den which Michelle from The Design Chaser introduced me to this morning.

When furnishing your bathroom try Douglas and Bec for similar stools and The Dots for Muuto.

And for a similar chunky knit throw like the ones seen above, contact me on

Happy Monday.

Amy x

Milo and Mitzy Chunky Knit Throws

No shopkeeper interview today. A little on the unorganised side. Tut tut! Instead I wanted to show you the new images shot by photographer Sarah Horn of the Milo and Mitzy 100% New Zealand wool chunky knit throws.

We were lucky enough to be able to shoot these shots in Hawkes Bays So Vintage. An amazing store specialising in genuine antique, vintage and industrial furniture from France and Europe. I came away wanting EVERYTHING!

The Milo and Mitzy 100% New Zealand Wool Chunky Knit throws measure at 1 by 1.5 metres. RRP $350 plus postage. Available in light grey, dark grey, natural faun, natural ivory and charcoal. (note charcoal unavailable at the time the images were taken)

Please contact me on for further information or to place an order.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...