The blogger shares - Alana of Fancy

I am so thrilled to have the super talented and incredibly humorous Alana of Fancy, New Zealand Deign blog on board for todays - The Blogger Shares. I say humorous because whenever I find a spare moment to sit down and read Alanas blog I find myself quietly chuckling away at all of her clever and witty comments that she writes throughout each post. 

Jardan Furniture
Jardan Furniture and an Angle Lamp
Angle Lamp from Douglas and Bec
Alana states - As I spend hours each day discovering awesome design, my wishlist is loooooooooooooong! But always, anytime, any day, any way, I'd love a piece of furniture from Australian designers Jardan. Beautifully made, clean lines, somewhat-Scandi style, Tick, tick, tick!

Can I pick something else, please? An Angle Floor Lamp or Table Lamp from NZ designers Douglas and Bec. And how convenient, this picture includes those very lamps, and Jardan furniture!

The Beetle Shack
I love lifestyle blogs that blend beautiful design with the blogger's own creative and personal life, their home, weekend activities, food, photographs… I have a whole bunch I read every weekend. One of my faves is The Beetleshack.

Thanks so much for coming on board and sharing your picks Alana.

Happy hump day.

Amy x

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