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Ahhhh shoot, another apology from me. Seems to be all I do these days. Apologies for my lack of blogging. I swear I am looking forward to a bit of normality. I look around me and I am surrounded by boxes. Big move next Sunday Monday and I.CANNOT.WAIT. Moving into our new family home! Such a nice feeling to know that we will be there for a long time. Such a nice feeling to know that we can really make it our own home. Put our own stamp on things. Anywho, be sure to keep up with Milo and Mitzys instagram as I will share pictures on there with you from time to time of the new house. No house tour today. A bit of a random week for the blog. Who knows what and when I will post actually. Today I wanted to share with you a  images of children's spaces that are inspiring me right now.

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Because I knew we were moving house before I had my wee Patch, I didnt spend time like I usually would, doing up his room. So this is something that I am really looking forward to. Patch has been given a beautiful black and white Crosses Blanket from the lovely Jamie of Jamie Kay which is what I intend to base the room around. From there I will add my pops of colour in things such as the cute vintage chair that I feed on, art work and a rug that I am still on the hunt for.

Love that upside down person in the third photo. Am thinking I may get creative with washi tape that I will be purchasing from Tea Pea and do something similar, only a picture using straight lines. The mobile hanging above the bed in the last picture can be found at LET LIV and the honey comb paper balls also seen in the third picture can be purchased from Dots n Spots.

Oh and if anyone can tell me where to find something similar to that letter A in the second pic, do share. 

Happy Monday. 

Amy x

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