House Tour

If you follow Milo and Mitzy on Facebook you would have seen me post one of the images above of the work space in this house. Facebook is where I post the one off pictures that I just absolutely love. Actually takes me a long time to select my Facebook images. Sometimes I think, right I will quickly post an image on Facebook and then head to bed... half an hour later I still find myself looking for the right image to post.


Anywho enough of that, I decided to investigate this house further. I presumed that because it is such an awesome desk/office space that surely the rest of the house must be pretty darn cool. I reckon I was right. Do you?

What do I love? I love the white washed floors. I love the kids room (last 2 pics) especially the bedding. And lastly, I am in love with the furnishings and decor. That couch, rugs, art work and the lighting. Pretty swell I think.

Happy Monday.

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...