Shopkeeper Interview - Kim of Surrey Park


Kim Coleman

What do you do for a living?

Owner of home wear store Surrey Park, part-time registered nurse, office manager of our waterproofing company & full-time cleaner for 2 teens.

How does a normal day fold out for you?

Once the family is out of the house, & the coffee is made I'm on the computer sorting emails & orders, wrapping parcels & spending waaay to much time getting lost on Facebook, Pinterest, reading blogs & looking for new goodness for the store.  Otherwise there is no routine, I generally take it as it comes, see what the day throws at me!  I love being able to drop it all for an impromptu coffee with friends as I know I can catch up on work in the evening.

Who inspires you?
Anyone who just grabs life by the horns, faces challenges with a smile & appreciates the value of love & friendship. And my husband who works too hard!  In regards to interiors there's no one person, inspiration comes from the wonderful world we are exposed to on the web right at home.

What websites/blogs could we find you reading? 
I love Marley and Lockyer, Ness makes the most beautiful ceramics & I love her styling of vintage interiors.  I'm stalkerishly obsessed with Petite Vinatge Interiors and would seriously consider having a toddler again just to have Belinda design the room... Anyone want to swap a teen??  Of course Milo & Mitzy is a must follow (I could live in Amy's pinterest world), as is The Design Chaser.

What is your interior style?
I have a mixed taste of vintage, industrial and more recently, scandi styling.  Think black & white, antlers, cowhide rugs, crystal decanters, leather chesterfields mixed with bright cushions, fairy lights, tolix style stools, chalkboards & a Stendig calendar - that's our living space.

What is your fashion style?  

I can hear my mother saying.. " stop wearing black..."  I tend to live in skinny leg jeans, loose tops & long necklaces & have a wee boot collection - you can never have too many right?

From your store, what is on your wishlist?  

I really think I need the Dove Grey 100% linen duvet cover.  It is such a beautiful soft shade & the look & feel of pure linen is unbeatable. We have the House Doctor round copper mirrors on a chain arriving soon so I'm eyeing up the walls for where one could go.
From anywhere what is on your wishlist?
I'm planning the office reno and would love this industrial drawer unit from Java Interiors.  The office will also need one of these cool clip lamps from LET LIV attached to shelf above desk.

What is your favorite holiday destination? 
I haven't done a lot of overseas travel but I went to New Orleans a long time ago & fell in love with the buildings, the jazz & the atmosphere!  New York is on the wishlist.  I have spent the majority of my summers in NZ in Orewa, north of Auckland so that holds a lot of memories & a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

If someone else is making it, I'm loving it!  I'm a savoury girl, can completely leave the sweets out but pop a tomato, feta, & basil tart in front of me & step back!  My Food Bag is the world's best invention, getting your groceries & recipes delivered to your door means no endless openings of the fridge door hoping something delish has magically appeared in there for dinner!

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?
I would love to see our store grow & expand into a real life brick & mortar store but at the moment being available for the family is what is important.  Travel, definitely.  Maybe do an interior design course. Learn to take  a decent photo.  And just breathe & be happy x

Thanks so much for sharing Kim. be sure to pop over to Surrey Park and say hi to Kim.

Amy x

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