Koala Mattress

Koala is 100% Australian made and the highest rated mattresses on Google Reviews as well as the highest rated mattress brand on Yotpo and Product Review.  It is fair to say that it was a god send actually as we were having trouble sleeping on our previous mattress. I was sceptical, a little unsure if it would actually make a difference to my sleep or not. It took me a night or two to adjust but without a word of a lie, now that I am used to it, it is unreal.
Made out of a specially formulated foam that outperforms all other competition, exceeds Australasian and  global environmental regulations and a soft to touch top layer to ease joints, Koala mattresses are outshining any competing brand by a long shot. What the product delivers is a firm base with a spongy and comfortable top layer. It feels like a firm traditional innerspring mattress but it is not. It is simply two comfort layers; a supportive base layer and top comfort layer, no springs, nada!
My husband seems to be having less back issues due to the five panel zoning offering spinal support and it is safe to say that I am sleeping in more. I can’t feel my husband getting out of bed at 5 in the morning which is an absolute blessing thanks to the zero partner disturbance foam.
I can highly recommend Koala and for me, living in rural Hawkes Bay, the delivery in a compressed box straight to my door made things super easy and the fact that they run an adopt a kiwi program through WWF  is something I am all over. An environmentally friendly company is always going to get my approval.
Head on over to Koala and get $150 off purchases over $1000 if you use the code MATESWITHMILOMITZY.

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