Seaside Home X Outdoor Games from Cranfields X Williams Eatery

Its no secret that it is my absolute dream to own our own slice of paradise by the beach one day. I mean who doesn't dream of that? But like, I am obsessed! I have pinterest boards dedicated to this particular thing. I'm all over it. I'm even eyeing up the piece of land (that's not even for sale, yet!) I'm loving this beautiful Copenhagen seaside home by Norm Architects. This home has a scandic-Bohemian feel with a touch of Japanese design. I am into it. 

I must be dreaming of summer because next on the list are the coolest outdoor games from Cranfields perfect for summers afternoons spent with family and friends. Not only will I order one or two sets for my immediate family but I will be ordering these for the extended family. These make great gifts to give to a whole family of both adults and children. You cant beat a bit of healthy competition at Christmas time. 

And lastly, when I finally make a trip up to Auckland, Williams Eatery is near the top of must visit list. Those raw concrete walls, the touches of wood and those pendant lights, suck me right in. And I hear the food is bang on point too showcasing high quality, organic free range product from local suppliers. Great design, even better food, a win win if you ask me. 

Amy x

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