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I was just looking over the images in today's post, a very clean, fresh, white post for you today. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is a bit of  a de-clutter trend going on, at present. I guess I have no choice but to de-clutter as we move houses in a little under 3 weeks! Crikey! Ive added in some gorgeous artwork by an artist whom I have always admired as I feel this art work adds a bit of interest and fun to any space. 

This home screams relax and chill to me. Not so much with kids but, relax and chill for a weekend with your partner and a good book. Thats more what I am meaning. And hey, I am fine doing that for a weekend, trust me! How cool does that Ochre coloured bedlinen look against the white. You can purchase similar here. 

I have long admired the work of talented artist Susan from New Zealands Formantics. Contemporary and vibrant and as I said earlier, these pieces add a touch of playfulness to any room. These above are just a few of my many favourite Formantics pieces. 

So with my family being on the move comes a good time for me to declutter and reorganise. (or in my case, organise) Willow & Ash have come to my rescue providing a great range of products from Tosca which make organising your home a breeze. Made out of coated steel and an ash coloured wood, these kitchen accessories make putting some order in to your home a breeze. 

Amy x

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