Summer House X George and Willy X Mr Bigglesworthy

Happy hump day. Ive mentioned in a couple of posts on instagram that I have some excting things coming up which I can now tell you about. One personal, and one business. The Milo and Mitzy news is that I will be launching a small jewellery range in the coming months and the personal news is that we are moving house and farm in four weeks. Very quick and exciting stuff. Hence the reason I am busy seeking inspiration and looking around at furniture as the house we move to is much bigger than our current. 

Although back at work, I cant quite seem to snap myself out of holiday mode due to this hot weather. Im drawn to beautiful summer houses at present. This incredible home located in the Hamptons screams peaceful summer to me. Renovated by designer Jessica Helgerson, that dining room setting, both indoor and out is truley something special. Oh, and I will be stealing that window seat design for my own up and coming renovations, for sure. 

New Zealand brand, George and Willy just keep pulling out the goods, gaining quite a name for themselves in the design world. Their latest, The Table Mounted Paper Roller is an innovative way to dispense paper in your shop, office or home. Simple yet fucntional which is what this brand is all about. I truely reccommend keeping an eye on these guys, always going one step ahead. 

So as I mentioned, I have been busy looking around and seeking inspiration for our future move. One brand that I often turn to for furniture is Mr Bigglesworthy. Why? Aswell as offering new and unique pieces, this brand is leading the path for vintage. I am one to shop around for something a little different. Mr Bigglesworthy offer timeless designs in both their new and vintage lines that are of the highest quality.

Amy x

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