Interview with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co

I am super excited today to be sharing an interview that I did recently with Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co and also the very talented photographer behind Print by George. 

Tell us about Gigi Goods & Co and what inspired you to start this journey?

Gigi was an idea I had long before even Print By George came about.  It was a project that I  had in in the back of my mind for a long time and just couldn’t shake it. Originally I thought Print By George would turn into a travelling gallery, but overtime it progressed into selling items that I personally love and use into setting up a travelling homewares shop. The gallery is now something I will incorporate into Gigi. 

When I set up Print By George, I didn’t have the funds to jump straight into buying and renovating a caravan and so I ran a business online from the farm until I could afford to buy Gigi and do her up. 

I am not sure what inspired me to start a caravan mobile business, but I think I have always been interested in buying a caravan and I was always keen to set up a pop up shop of some kind, whether it was selling my photographs or putting my love of interiors and design together to sell homewares…these all worked hand in hand. Also part of it is that I live slightly remotely here in NZ and to set up a shop from home wasn’t going to be the most profitable for a shop like this unless online, it had to be mobile and able to travel.

Where do you you draw your inspiration from?

Magazines. I am in LOVE with print! However, in the last couple of years, I have really got into online blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. Following people online is so simple and to see every day people and what they love is so personal and easily accessed.

What accounts/websites do you follow online?

A lot from the UK and Australia. Of course NZ too, but I find I still adore my roots of the UK style and design. There are a lot of bloggers and places in the UK who inspire me on a day to day such as The Frugality and Artist Residence and then in Australia I love the likes of Byron Beach Abodes and Designstuff. Within NZ, I am obsessed with getting Homestyle magazine delivered to my doorstep every issue! Its the most peaceful interiors magazine I know. Pinterest is also a total babe in helping with all areas of inspiration.

Best  thing to do/eat/visit for someone visiting your local area?

Give me a few months and I would recommend coming to stay at our very own farmstay in the Grey Valley on the West Coast!!! (WIP!!)

But for food, I would certainly go down to Hokitika beach front and say hi to Jeb in her coffee cart Bloom Coffee. She hand bakes some fab treats and the coffee is gorgeous. Then a must visit is to take a coffee from Greymouth town and some fish and chips from Cobden and drive up to one of the piers and watch the waves (& surfers) come in. You are then totally set for a cheeky date night with your best mate!

Thank you so much to the gorgeous and talented Georgina of Gigi Goods & Co.

Amy x

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