Colour trends with Dulux X Tea Pea X New Zealand House & Garden

A bit of colour thanks to Dulux in today post. And if I must add, thanks Meg of Tea Pea you've gone and made me all clucky with your delicious Papinelle bloomers. Happy reading and thank you for the constant support.

Absolute perfect timing to be sent the new Dulux winter colour trends for 2017 entitled ‘Winter hues to inspire a luxurious minimal feel in the home’ as I embark on the exciting journey of painting my living, kitchen and dining room area.  Visit Dulux for more inspiration and on another note, Dulux will be hosting a live chat tonight on instagram at 8pm sharing insights and inspiration on the top 5 colour trends for winter from Milan Design Week, images above give a bit of insight - I am digging the deep rich greens and luscious terracotta colours.

Mumas of baby girls, run don't walk. How adorable are these Papinelle bloomers from Tea Pea at $20. So fricken cute it makes me clucky. And they make beautiful gifts for the new little ladies of our world.

Stop the press, the latest New Zealand House & Garden has hit the shelves and she is a goodie.

What I like is the diversity of each issue. From a charming cottage fit for a young family to an incredibly sleek and modern beach house overlooking  New Zealands Coast line. Not to mention the reader friendly recipes that I use and refer back to each time a new issue comes out to really impress the dinner guests. Perfect weekend reading. Cue Moana, you're welcome!

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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