Only Limited x Annabell Kutucu x Laing

Eeek, the first day of winter. Stay warm and enjoy your long weekend. We are off to friends to enjoy a night drinking Allan Scott wine by the fire. Kidless, might I add!

Only Limited. Its easy, limited designs for a limited time. Such a perfect concept. I dont know about you but I love having different in my home. Items that dont up in every second home. Quality, unique pieces. You get my drift? Only Limited is where you will find special limited edition items or smaller quantaties of collections.  Each collection stays on the site for up to a month, showcasing a curated range of new designer pieces launching every Sunday.

The artworks above are some of my fave online now. These are prints from The Virtue. Unfortunately this sale is ending on Sunday. However, so many more exciting collections will be launching online over time. See here to shop the full range and if you are a designer and keen to hear more, get in touch with Only Limited here.

I adore the work of stylist and designer Annabell Kutucu, having followed her closely for sometime now. Here she puts her touch on a 19th Century apartment in Berlin. Floor to ceiling curtains, leather modular sofa and the most incredible wooden flooring. How beautiful?

So if you follow me on instagram you will know that I recently purchased myself a pair of gorgeous striped cotton pyjamas from Laing. It is fair to say that I am absolutley loving these and living in these, thats for sure! We spend so much of our life sleeping, that for me, it is essential to be comfortable whilst in bed. Bonus being stylish, also.

Laing put a real empahisis on quality. Each of their Pyjama sets and their seperates are of absolute top quality. There is a lot of noise around sustainable fashion but sustainability is just as much about how long something lasts and where it is made.  Laing designer, Anna Murray makes her pieces to last until her customers does not want it anymore, not because it has worn out. Hence the reason that she has used french seams, high quality, durable pure cotton, pre washed, pre shrunk. Less stuff, better quality is where Laing is at. A perfect gift for that hard to but special lady or perhaps a pre baby treat for yourslef before you spend a lot of time in your pyjamas, feeding.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...