The Public Catering Company

I am supper excited about this one. This is the very cool Public Catering Company in New Plymouth which has been on my radar for sometime now. Here at Milo and Mitzy, we have just started working more with photographers around the country to shoot the spaces and the places that I feel fit well with Milo and Mitzy, and this sure does tick all of the boxes, thats for sure. Public Catering was shot by our very talented photographer, Anna Briggs. Anna is a New Zealand lifestyle photographer who takes a more documentary approach.

The Public Catering Company is an artisan provider of catering, bakery goods, breads and gelato using only traceable products and a focus on fresh and seasonal. The Public Catering Company front of house bakery is a part of the very cool West End Precinct and well, the photos speak for themselves really don't they? A space to admire, a space to inspire. The perfect spot to meet for lunch and I very much look forward to visiting. And, on that note, I am told the donuts are a must! If you have an event that needs catering for, these are your guys. Who wouldn't be impressed turning up to this food?

Thank you to our very talented photographer, Anna Briggs. Do pop over to check out the rest of Annas work or visit her on instagram to keep up to date with her goings on. If you have a space you feel might suit Milo and Mitzy, drop us a line and if you are a photographer  that may be interested in working with Milo and Mitzy, please also get in touch.

Amy x

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