Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Colour trends with Dulux X Tea Pea X New Zealand House & Garden

A bit of colour thanks to Dulux in today post. And if I must add, thanks Meg of Tea Pea you've gone and made me all clucky with your delicious Papinelle bloomers. Happy reading and thank you for the constant support.

Absolute perfect timing to be sent the new Dulux winter colour trends for 2017 entitled ‘Winter hues to inspire a luxurious minimal feel in the home’ as I embark on the exciting journey of painting my living, kitchen and dining room area.  Visit Dulux for more inspiration and on another note, Dulux will be hosting a live chat tonight on instagram at 8pm sharing insights and inspiration on the top 5 colour trends for winter from Milan Design Week, images above give a bit of insight - I am digging the deep rich greens and luscious terracotta colours.

Mumas of baby girls, run don't walk. How adorable are these Papinelle bloomers from Tea Pea at $20. So fricken cute it makes me clucky. And they make beautiful gifts for the new little ladies of our world.

Stop the press, the latest New Zealand House & Garden has hit the shelves and she is a goodie.

What I like is the diversity of each issue. From a charming cottage fit for a young family to an incredibly sleek and modern beach house overlooking  New Zealands Coast line. Not to mention the reader friendly recipes that I use and refer back to each time a new issue comes out to really impress the dinner guests. Perfect weekend reading. Cue Moana, you're welcome!

Amy x

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Public Catering Company

I am supper excited about this one. This is the very cool Public Catering Company in New Plymouth which has been on my radar for sometime now. Here at Milo and Mitzy, we have just started working more with photographers around the country to shoot the spaces and the places that I feel fit well with Milo and Mitzy, and this sure does tick all of the boxes, thats for sure. Public Catering was shot by our very talented photographer, Anna Briggs. Anna is a New Zealand lifestyle photographer who takes a more documentary approach.

The Public Catering Company is an artisan provider of catering, bakery goods, breads and gelato using only traceable products and a focus on fresh and seasonal. The Public Catering Company front of house bakery is a part of the very cool West End Precinct and well, the photos speak for themselves really don't they? A space to admire, a space to inspire. The perfect spot to meet for lunch and I very much look forward to visiting. And, on that note, I am told the donuts are a must! If you have an event that needs catering for, these are your guys. Who wouldn't be impressed turning up to this food?

Thank you to our very talented photographer, Anna Briggs. Do pop over to check out the rest of Annas work or visit her on instagram to keep up to date with her goings on. If you have a space you feel might suit Milo and Mitzy, drop us a line and if you are a photographer  that may be interested in working with Milo and Mitzy, please also get in touch.

Amy x

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Father Rabbit x Frankie Wears x George and Willy

Happy Monday lovely people. I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a nice weekend with the wives and kids of the duckshooters.

I got to experience a  Dermologica facemap last week from Mia Dolce. I have been using Dermologica for the past 6 months or more and although I have never had bad skin, I receive so many comments since I have started using their products on how good my skin is. Their facemaps are free and your dermologica specialist will put you onto all of the products that are suited specifically for your skin type.

I am back to school tomorrow after 2 months off with Patchys leg. Hopefully we get his cast off on Wednesday. I am crossing my fingers like mad and counting down the hours. I have pulled back a bit this term on my teaching days which I am really excited about. I am focusing a bit more on Milo and Mitzy. I have a few writing and social media projects on the go and a couple of massive projects that are in the planning stages. (In my head!) Now I just need an investor! Come at me investors! :) No but seriously, if you are interested in finding out more about what Milo and Mitzy is up to or if you have any ideas you want to chat through with me, do get in touch. I am super pumped about pushing the brand and am open to any ideas from Milo and Mitzy readers.

Father Rabbit you never disappoint me. Father Rabbit Interiors Volume two is out now and its a goody, that's for sure.  I know I always harp on about these guys, but seriously, they re the best in the business. One can learn a lot from them.

We were lucky enough to be chosen by Witchery to shoot some photos of Frankie in their new occasion wear range. I can honestly say it is so beautiful, every piece and every detail and the bonus is that Frankie approves. (win win) I have been asked a bit lately if I am doing any Frankie Wears posts. I am going to be doing the odd one here and there so if you do have something that fits with our style, do get in touch. I would love to see your range.

As the days get colder, the washing piles up.  How great and essential are these drying racks from the incredible George and Willy boys?

Amy x

Thursday, May 4, 2017

HART by Partidge Design

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have a new linen cover on my sofa. This was all thanks to the incredible team at HART by Partridge Design. I am obsessed with everything about this duo. To offer an amazing interior design service as well as a store in Birkenhead and online that provides everything you possibly need whilst renovating is simply brilliant in my eyes. I'm talking curtains, tiles, furniture. You name it.

HART by Partridge Design, run by talented mother daughter Duo,  Lynda Partridge and Hannah Mirbach, help you to realise your design ideas and create stunning interiors tailored around your vision.  They offer a complete design service, from the advice to the supply of fabrics, window coverings and furniture and lastly lighting, flooring and colour. 

Alongside their services, HART provide you with a beautifully curated range of products to aid you in any stage of your design process, whether you are in renovation period or perfecting your space with styling touches. I can honestly vouch that these ladies know their stuff. And to say that I want everything in their store in an understatement. Pop over here to see more or follow them here on instagram.

Amy x