Monday Mix Up

Another week down. Crazy to think Christmas is just around the corner. It feels as though this year has only just started. A lot happening in the world of design. The incredible launch of Pop Factory Shops latest range which people are going nuts over, the very cool pieces stocked by the very cool St Clements which keeps popping up in my feed and what looks to be the most incredible home tour, but is actually a concept store in Los Angeles. Not too many words from me today as I have a million and one things to do, but these pictures really do speak for themselves, anyway. Enjoy. x

Aucklands St Clements is the home of contemporary furniture and don't they do it so well? What I love is the fact that each piece has that modern and contemporary feel yet each piece is also classic, timeless and of amazing quality.

Pop Factory Shop has done it again and it seems everyone wants in. The new Summer Space Camp range is off the charts. Oozes cool for the minis for sure. I need to get an order in fairly quick smart before it is really too late. Clever Pop Factory team!

And lastly, you'd think what I am showing you here was an insane home tour, well I am not. I am showing you an insane concept store that has been designed to look like a home. That's right, go in, make yourself at home and buy any of the items while you are here at The Line, Los Angeles.

Amy  x

Mix and Match

How is it Thursday already? Gahhhh! I haven't been very good at practicing what I preach lately. A couple of weeks ago I said that one of the important things when running a successful blog is updating it regularly. Haven't posted since Monday. Whoopsy! Ill try and make up for it with a beauty of a post.

I have featured Whiting Architects before several times. Their work is outstanding. They have such an incredible eye for detail. The amazing kitchen and living area of this Australian home is like nothing else. Bright, fresh and modern with touches of wood and tongue and groove panels. Everything that I love in a family home.

I am a real basics girl, especially when cruising at home with the kids or when I am school teaching.  New Zealands Five Each do basics well. I have my eye on three or four pieces from their new spring range to add to my wardrobe. Particularly loving that red stripe as something different to my usual navy.

And lastly, you may call marble a trend, I call marble timeless. These marbles trays from Love & Rascals add a touch of timeless elegance to any interior setting.

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Amy x

Monday Mix Up

Happy Monday to you all. Sorry for my lack of posting last week. The winter bugs finally got a hold of me. I'll tell you what though, these warmer days and evenings are getting me excited for the summer months ahead. We enjoyed a quiet family weekend. We headed over to Palmerston North for the day yesterday. I was most excited to get to a health bar/café that I had heard of. (Yes that was my highlight) Got there, a busy Sunday with plenty of people in town and it was blimmen shut. So yes, lunch was fairly disappointing. If anyone has any great eating suggestions in Palmerston North, let me know. I was always come away disappointed because I don't know where to go and seem to settle for something that I don't actually want to eat!

Right, first up, such a massive fan of this latest collection for the clever clever team at Nature Baby. And I can say first hand, that as always the quality is incredible. How cute are those little fish shorts?

Secondly, I have featured designer Caroline Z Hurley several times on the blog before. Her work is super cool and unlike everything else on the market. Both of my kids had quilts when they were in cots, in fact Patch still does have a quilt. I love quilts. They look great and always tidy. These cots quilts by Caroline would make any nursery look amazing.

Lastly, when I spotted this home in the latest Homestyle Magazine, it was fair to say, I was smitten. This newly renovated home belongs to talented foodie, Gretchen Lowe from My Weekend Table. Gretchen enlisted the help of Lloyd Hartley Architects to get the 1930s bungalow renovation underway. Opening everything up was a top priority for the family and it was obvious that the home of popular foodie was going to have one seriously good looking Kitchen and that they did.

Photography by Duncan Innes

Amy x

Charlie Who

When I first heard that a new lifestyle and design store was opening in Taupo, I thought, finally! Such a popular destination for families to holiday, this is exactly what the town needed. And those were exactly the thoughts of spatial designer Charlotte Dickie, who, too noticed a gap in Taupo's local retail market. And that was the beginning of Charlie Who, Taupo's lifestyle and design store.

Charlie Who offers both high street and bespoke pieces. Every item has been carefully and cleverly chosen by Charlotte from both local and international designers and artists. Charlottes design knowledge has enabled her understand the market and what it is both local and visiting shoppers are pursuing.

Picture above, pottery by George Sand Studio and Kim Morgan

With the most incredible labels on board, I seriously have my eye on many pieces. Those outdoor umbrellas for starters, are smack bang at the top of my list. All of my go to fashion faves are there too; Assembly Label, Commoners, Miss Crabb, Suludos and the Fifth Label.  Not to mention the most incredible homewares, that being the likes of Mekka, George and Willy, Stendig Calendars and a fabulous selection of coffee table books. So many more amazing brands but I had better let you wonder through those doors yourselves of the new Taupo establishment, Charlie Who, to actually see what I am harping on about.

Follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here.

Amy x

Hale Mercantile meets Frankie Wears meets Sydney Beach House

Morning. I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. So good to see a bit of sunshine even though it is still fairly fresh out there. I have been craving a bit of vitamin D that's for sure. As have my kiddies who don't do too well being stuck inside! I have a few goodies for you today, trying to make up for the fact that I have missed a few days on the blog this week. Newness from a favourite linen company of mine, Hale Mercantile, a wee Frankie Wears post and an amazing home tour of course.

I first heard from linen company Hale Mercantile around a year and a half ago and immediately liked what I saw. Since then, Hale Mercantile have grown hugely with stylists such as the truly talented  Kara Rosenlund favouring their products. Their linen has also been seen throughout well known properties like Byron Beach Abodes. Now, if you have followed Milo and Mitzy for a while, you will know that I have been searching around for companies that make great Slip Covers for sofas and chairs.  So I was stoked to see that Hale Mercantile have stepped into this side of things. (A real gap in the market I believe) And how could I not include some images of their other amazing products above? The top being an image from Byron Beach Abodes.

Little Miss Frankie was lucky enough to have a gorgeous package from Print Bebe arrive on the doorstep. So today I thought that I would show you the amazing Hopper Romper in rabbit grey. We chose to feature this outfit as I am a huge fan of rompers and bloomers and I wanted to show you how an older girl can wear them as well as babies and tots. Here Frankie wears her rompers with mustard tights and a striped tee. Perfect for winter and in between seasons.

Who is hitting up Sydney soon and looking for a place to stay? This amazing home, Avalon Lighthouse is up for rent. It will cost ya, but with views like that across the Pacific Ocean if you can do it, why not right? I shall just live my dreams through you!

And before I go, not one to usually voice my opinion on this sort of thing online but I have been chatting to a group online bloggers/influencers after an article surfaced this week re sponsored and not sponsored posts. Like it or lump it, this is the way forward in terms of marketing and advertising. How many of you sit there and watch ads on TV? So yes, bloggers do get sent things and if you are not happy with the way they are promoting the products, simple solution, unfollow. That's my light hearted two cents.

Happy Sunday.

Amy x

Hawkes Bay Weddings

I'm not hugely up with the play on the Hawkes Bay wedding scene. Don't get me wrong; when I see a friend of a friends friend has liked some amazing wedding photo on Facebook, I defo do a sneaky stalk. Who doesn't right? I'm not that up with the play because my husband  and I married seven years ago this summer. Not that seven years was that long ago at all but I didn't know Pinterest back then, I didn't blog, I wasn't too fussy. I was young and just wanted a fairly good party! And that, I got! The whole day, at my parent’s property, was amazing. I loved every moment. I should be saying that there is nothing that I would change, but the truth of the matter is, there is so much that I would change. Simply due to the fact that Hawkes Bay has some seriously talented wedding folk out there right now. More and more people are headed this way to marry, and rightly so! If you are not from the area and you’re keen on a destination wedding Hawkes Bay seems like the perfect option to me. Beautiful place, easy access and the best of the best within the wedding industry live here. I shall share a quick intro to a few of my faves below and you can thank me for this later. (Or just let me stalk the photos of your big day on Facebook!) 

First up, my all time favourite photographer, as you probably well know, Melissa Mills, who really needs no introduction here on Milo and Mitzy. Let me just tell you, she is outstanding at what she does. Natural and real. Exactly what I love.

Photography by Heather Liddell, styling by Gemma Admas

Another Milo and Mitzy favourite, Organic Ash. Owner, Ash Scott is all over it when it comes to wedding cakes. Her styling is perfect. A bit rustic, very now and a whole lot of cool, not to mention delicious. Believe me, I have tried!

Photography by Melissa Mills

Next on the list to mention, whom probably needs no introduction on Milo and Mitzy either is The Lucy Chase Project. Run by the extremely clever and super down to earth Aleisha McNeice. Aleisha is an incredible wedding and event planner who also hires out the most beautiful props such as their amazing bentwood chairs.

Photography by Brian Culy

And lastly we have the boys, Ted and Patch, from The Flagship Events Company. Fairly new to the industry, Flagship Events are a premium hire company specialising in sailcloth canopy tents that really do all the talking, no jazzing up is necessary.  These guys are onto something here. Everyone loves a marquee wedding, yet the range of marquees we have on offer in NZ is fairly sparse. These guys bring something a little cool and clever to the game for sure.

So like I mentioned, I am not hugely in the know but what I can tell you is these above businesses are on top of their games and I believe will continue to do so. I really must make mention also of Lushka Flowers, Orton Tailored Cuisine, Walnut Lane and Miss Frou Frou. Again all companies doing great things in the wedding industry. Do hit me up if you want any further information. Hopefully, Ill be able to point you in the right direction. 

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...