Hale Mercantile meets Frankie Wears meets Sydney Beach House

Morning. I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. So good to see a bit of sunshine even though it is still fairly fresh out there. I have been craving a bit of vitamin D that's for sure. As have my kiddies who don't do too well being stuck inside! I have a few goodies for you today, trying to make up for the fact that I have missed a few days on the blog this week. Newness from a favourite linen company of mine, Hale Mercantile, a wee Frankie Wears post and an amazing home tour of course.

I first heard from linen company Hale Mercantile around a year and a half ago and immediately liked what I saw. Since then, Hale Mercantile have grown hugely with stylists such as the truly talented  Kara Rosenlund favouring their products. Their linen has also been seen throughout well known properties like Byron Beach Abodes. Now, if you have followed Milo and Mitzy for a while, you will know that I have been searching around for companies that make great Slip Covers for sofas and chairs.  So I was stoked to see that Hale Mercantile have stepped into this side of things. (A real gap in the market I believe) And how could I not include some images of their other amazing products above? The top being an image from Byron Beach Abodes.

Little Miss Frankie was lucky enough to have a gorgeous package from Print Bebe arrive on the doorstep. So today I thought that I would show you the amazing Hopper Romper in rabbit grey. We chose to feature this outfit as I am a huge fan of rompers and bloomers and I wanted to show you how an older girl can wear them as well as babies and tots. Here Frankie wears her rompers with mustard tights and a striped tee. Perfect for winter and in between seasons.

Who is hitting up Sydney soon and looking for a place to stay? This amazing home, Avalon Lighthouse is up for rent. It will cost ya, but with views like that across the Pacific Ocean if you can do it, why not right? I shall just live my dreams through you!

And before I go, not one to usually voice my opinion on this sort of thing online but I have been chatting to a group online bloggers/influencers after an article surfaced this week re sponsored and not sponsored posts. Like it or lump it, this is the way forward in terms of marketing and advertising. How many of you sit there and watch ads on TV? So yes, bloggers do get sent things and if you are not happy with the way they are promoting the products, simple solution, unfollow. That's my light hearted two cents.

Happy Sunday.

Amy x

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