Hawkes Bay Weddings

I'm not hugely up with the play on the Hawkes Bay wedding scene. Don't get me wrong; when I see a friend of a friends friend has liked some amazing wedding photo on Facebook, I defo do a sneaky stalk. Who doesn't right? I'm not that up with the play because my husband  and I married seven years ago this summer. Not that seven years was that long ago at all but I didn't know Pinterest back then, I didn't blog, I wasn't too fussy. I was young and just wanted a fairly good party! And that, I got! The whole day, at my parent’s property, was amazing. I loved every moment. I should be saying that there is nothing that I would change, but the truth of the matter is, there is so much that I would change. Simply due to the fact that Hawkes Bay has some seriously talented wedding folk out there right now. More and more people are headed this way to marry, and rightly so! If you are not from the area and you’re keen on a destination wedding Hawkes Bay seems like the perfect option to me. Beautiful place, easy access and the best of the best within the wedding industry live here. I shall share a quick intro to a few of my faves below and you can thank me for this later. (Or just let me stalk the photos of your big day on Facebook!) 

First up, my all time favourite photographer, as you probably well know, Melissa Mills, who really needs no introduction here on Milo and Mitzy. Let me just tell you, she is outstanding at what she does. Natural and real. Exactly what I love.

Photography by Heather Liddell, styling by Gemma Admas

Another Milo and Mitzy favourite, Organic Ash. Owner, Ash Scott is all over it when it comes to wedding cakes. Her styling is perfect. A bit rustic, very now and a whole lot of cool, not to mention delicious. Believe me, I have tried!

Photography by Melissa Mills

Next on the list to mention, whom probably needs no introduction on Milo and Mitzy either is The Lucy Chase Project. Run by the extremely clever and super down to earth Aleisha McNeice. Aleisha is an incredible wedding and event planner who also hires out the most beautiful props such as their amazing bentwood chairs.

Photography by Brian Culy

And lastly we have the boys, Ted and Patch, from The Flagship Events Company. Fairly new to the industry, Flagship Events are a premium hire company specialising in sailcloth canopy tents that really do all the talking, no jazzing up is necessary.  These guys are onto something here. Everyone loves a marquee wedding, yet the range of marquees we have on offer in NZ is fairly sparse. These guys bring something a little cool and clever to the game for sure.

So like I mentioned, I am not hugely in the know but what I can tell you is these above businesses are on top of their games and I believe will continue to do so. I really must make mention also of Lushka Flowers, Orton Tailored Cuisine, Walnut Lane and Miss Frou Frou. Again all companies doing great things in the wedding industry. Do hit me up if you want any further information. Hopefully, Ill be able to point you in the right direction. 

Amy x

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