Mix and Match

How is it Thursday already? Gahhhh! I haven't been very good at practicing what I preach lately. A couple of weeks ago I said that one of the important things when running a successful blog is updating it regularly. Haven't posted since Monday. Whoopsy! Ill try and make up for it with a beauty of a post.

I have featured Whiting Architects before several times. Their work is outstanding. They have such an incredible eye for detail. The amazing kitchen and living area of this Australian home is like nothing else. Bright, fresh and modern with touches of wood and tongue and groove panels. Everything that I love in a family home.

I am a real basics girl, especially when cruising at home with the kids or when I am school teaching.  New Zealands Five Each do basics well. I have my eye on three or four pieces from their new spring range to add to my wardrobe. Particularly loving that red stripe as something different to my usual navy.

And lastly, you may call marble a trend, I call marble timeless. These marbles trays from Love & Rascals add a touch of timeless elegance to any interior setting.

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Amy x

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